WDW Birthday Day 4, July 2003

Day Four Part 1, Tuesday, July 15: DVC Tour

Another sunny morning but we decided to take the morning off. We had seen a blurb in our room about touring the DVC Beach Club Villas. We were curious about them so we decided to have breakfast in the Yacht Club Galley first and then head over to the Beach Club to see what we could find out.

We had fond memories of having breakfast at the YC Galley in ’99. We had the sweetest older lady as our server who brought a carafe of freshly-squeezed Florida orange juice to our table and talked about how she was so excited to be there because she had planned for years to move to Orlando and work at WDW (unlike the CM we ran into at the World of Disney on this trip who seemed to have forgotten that she had come from some place else and tried to discourage us by saying “we’re packed in here like sardines.”).

Anyway, we headed for the YC Galley and stood in the short line. Mr. Grumpy CM was confusing the poor young thing with the seating chart in seating the family ahead of us but by the time it was our turn to be seated, they seem to have sorted it all out. Well, when Mr. Grumpy led us to a table right next to a family where one of the kids was rolling around on the bench seat, we politely asked to be moved. I hate tables that are practically on top of another table-especially if there is a shared bench. Even worse if someboday’s kid is sprawled all over it.

Mr. Grumpy had a rather nasty attitude and growled that we should just pick another table. Well, we don’t work at the YC Galley, we’re not familiar with the seating. We hadn’t been there in 4 years. When, in desperation, we pointed at another table, he scowled and said, “That’s dirty.” Eventually, he led us to a nice, comfortable, out of the way table by a window. I don’t know why he couldn’t have done that in the first place with a smile on his face.

The waitress stopped by, took our order of a pot of coffee (got to actually finish our morning coffee), scrambled eggs and bacon for Rich and eggs over easy with sausage for me. We each had a glass of orange juice – no carafes this time. The food was good enough and we were soon off to the Beach Club. The BC seems to be a big hit with families and I can see why. There was a lot of activity over there and we even saw Art the Greeter. He was busy posing with a family so we didn’t walk over to say hello. What a nice man he is, though. We were also reminded of why we like the quiet of the YC.

We saw a table with a DVC sign so before we knew it, we were signed up to take a tour and were sent outside to be picked up by a courtesy van. Oh, okay. We had thought we were going to tour something at the Beach Club. Apparently, no matter what kind of tour they call it, “Beach Club Villas Tour” or “Saratoga Springs Tour”, you go to the Boardwalk and tour the models there, after being assigned a sales rep first, though. If we had known we were going to the BW, we could have just walked over, but we had a nice drive, gave our feet a rest, and chatted with the friendly driver.

We met with Nick, a really nice guy and we felt really comfortable with him. He led us in to a conference room and explained how the program worked. We had intended to do this on our ’99 trip but didn’t get around to it. Anyway, it was more appealing to us now that we lived in closer proximity to WDW and would be able to visit more frequently. I looked over at Rich and he looked really interested. I got even more excited.

By that time, we were both really pumped up and excited to do this but, as we usually do, we needed to talk about this over a beer first. We shook hands with Nick, gathered the media he had given to us and headed to Big River Grille and Brewing Works for a bite of lunch and a brew.

When we were being seated at the BRG, we noticed a group of Red Hat Ladies having lunch. How fun!

After that big breakfast, I wasn’t very hungry. I thought maybe a salad would be a good choice. I ordered the Caesar Mahi Mahi – fresh mahi mahi, blackened and served atop romaine lettuce with creamy Asiago cheese dressing. It was delicious but huge! A big piece of grilled mahi mahi stood on top of the lettuce. Rich had the Rocket Red Ribs – full slab of pork ribs, dry-rubbed and slow-cooked, basted with Rocket Red Barbecue sauce, served with garlic mashed potatoes and vegetable of the day. We each had the Red Rocket Pale Ale.

As we ate and talked, we finally came to the conclusion that our life right now just wasn’t settled enough to make this commitment. Had we been settled in Ohio, if we had kids of our own, if we were younger, etc, etc., maybe we would have gone for it. In addition to Disney, we also like to cruise on other lines. In the end, although it seemed like a great deal, it just didn’t feel like it was right for us and our circumstances-at least, not right now.

Day Four Part 2, Tuesday, July 15: Epcot

We still didn’t make it to Stormalong Bay. After our nap, we waited for the rain to let up before heading to the International Gateway, making our way to Future World. One of our favorite parts about staying at an Epcot resort is entering through this gateway. We love the walk from the YC and it’s just such a beautiful way to go.

We headed for JII. I know there has been much talk about the different versions of this. I hadn’t ridden it since 1987 or maybe it was my first visit in 1982-I just don’t recall. I really didn’t remember the ride at all. Rich had never ridden it. It was rather humid out so we stopped for our usual Mickey ice cream bar and a bottle of water before heading for the line-probably about a 5-minute wait. Once we started riding this ride, I realized why I couldn’t even remember it. Other than Figment, it was quite forgettable.

We didn’t think we would repeat this attraction. I wonder if it’s better if you do HISTA first. We had done that on our March trip so decided to skip it this time. It started to rain again so we ducked into a shop but the rain only came down harder. We finally just made a mad dash for Spaceship Earth, one of our musts on every trip.

Now, for another one of my side notes. My first trip to WDW was soon after Epcot opened in 1982. I’ll never forget the excitement of Spaceship Earth and that the line was really long. And then there was such pressure to head to the kiosks to speak to a live CM to make dining reservations afterwards. A lot of years have passed but I haven’t ridden Spaceship Earth that many times so it’s still new and exciting for me.

The rain didn’t seem to be letting up at all and it was coming down quite vigorously. We headed for World Showcase and ducked into a shop in Canada and bought our second set of ponchos for this trip. Then we went to see the film. The CM was quite entertaining. She really played to the audience. She probably enjoys these rainy nights because she has such a captive audience.

Afterwards, we headed for the Beaver Tails stand. We had read so much about these but had never tried them. We huddled under an umbrella as we ate our first Beaver Tails – cinnamon and sugar – and 2 ladies standing next to us had some yummy strawberry and whipped cream topping. The lightning was striking all around us and we were thinking this wasn’t such a clever idea so we headed back to the YC. We decided to wait for the next Friendship Boat. While in line, we chatted with this lady about how much Disney must make on ponchos and she had at least half a dozen of them in her room. I felt better about buying a second set ourselves.

Back in the room, we turned on the Baseball Allstar game and just relaxed. Somewhere along the way, we must have done some shopping but I didn’t note where. I think it was earlier this afternoon when we were at the Boardwalk. We really like the Screen Door store at the Boardwalk. Next time we want to stay at an Epcot resort, I really think we might choose the Boardwalk just because we like to hang out there so much. We chose the YC this time because we were hoping to use Stormalong Bay but we had yet to make it out there.


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