WDW Birthday Day 6, July 2003

Thursday, Day Six, July 17: Leaving WDW

It had been a wonderful birthday celebration, complete with the excitement of Rich getting into the hot seat. I had forgotten all about what age I was turning and had become a kid again. I was reliving my childhood of living near Disneyland, only it was better. There was so much more.

We enjoyed returning to the Yacht Club and, although they don’t turn up the Magic like some of the other resorts, we did enjoy the quieter, more adult atmosphere. My Straprunners were the key to being able to get around the parks so easily without any problems. This had been the most painless trip-I seemed to be getting in better shape as I was getting older.

Mickey woke us up that morning. We had gone all week without a wake-up call-we wanted to wake up naturally-but we just had to experience Mickey waking us up. One thing I forgot to mention is after the first time we requested turndown service, we got it automatically every night. That was nice. We hadn’t expected that.

Rich made the long walk down to the little nook off the lobby that served continental breakfast and brought back 2 coffees and a couple of danish. We called the bell desk to collect our bags. A very nice, older lady (don’t know how she could haul those heavy bags onto the cart) arrived and carted our bags down to the porte-cochere to wait for our Tiffany Town Car driver.

Our Tiffany Town Car driver was scheduled to pick us up at 10:15 am for our 2:55 pm flight back to Columbus. He had already arrived. He was a friendly, outgoing man originally from Long Island who had lived in the Orlando area for 30 years. Unlike the Downtown Disney CM, he encouraged us not to leave and just live here-the plans are already in the works. That’s why I say this day is about leaving WDW-not going home.

Our flight home was painless-except for the usual cardboard, butt-numbing seats. But it was all worth it and now we couldn’t wait to be with our kitties again.

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