Flying Fish with Bob and Larry

Boardwalk Inn, an Epcot Resort

Who: Rich and Kathy
When: February 2004
Where: Boardwalk Inn

Two of our friends we met on, Bob and Larry from Alabama, invited us to have dinner with them at the Flying Fish on their next visit to Walt Disney World. In their regular trip reports, we could tell that they were real food connoisseurs and we were looking forward to dining with them. So, we took this opportunity to get a Florida resident rate at the Boardwalk Inn. The Boardwalk is reminiscent of the midAtlantic in the 1930s. This makes Rich quite nostalgic for his childhood, although he wasn’t exactly around to experience it in the ’30s.

The Boardwalk has restaurants, clubs, shops, an actual Boardwalk with midway games, and bicycles built for the whole family. It’s especially lovely at night. The atmosphere is awesome. We originally booked a water view but were upgraded to a Concierge Room. Whoo hoo! Was this a treat. Unfortunately, they have now spoiled us and we will always want a room with access to the Concierge Lounge, stocked with food, drink, and other goodies throughout the day.

As soon as we checked into our room and checked out the lounge, grabbing a few goodies and drinks, we headed for Epcot—yep, our favorite park. Don’t really remember what exactly we did that day; didn’t take any notes but eventually we headed back to our room and got ready for dinner with Bob and Larry at 7 pm.

Since we had never seen Bob and Larry before, it was quite an adventure to meet total strangers and then sit down and have dinner together. Bob’s sister and son from Maryland also joined us. It was almost like being on a cruise except that we did know something about Bob and Larry, having exchanged trip reports online. We heard all about their favorite rides and what they had all been doing and then Bob and Larry led us into a gastronomic extravaganza. With our hosts’ recommendations, here’s what we had:

Appetizer: “Peeky Toe” Crab Cakes with “Flying Fish” Slaw and Ancho-Chile Remoulade (Kathy); Chardonnay Steamed Mussels – spiced herb sauce, grilled sourdough (Rich)

Wine: White wine (didn’t get the name)

Main Course: Potato Wrapped Red Snapper with Creamy Leek Fondue and Red Wine Reduction (Kathy, Rich)

Wine: Australian Shiraz/Cabernet

Dessert: Cappuccino (Kathy); Valrhona Chocolate Souffle – Frangelico Sabayon (Rich)

Wine: Canadian Ice Wine (Rich)

Everything was awesomely delicious. [ed. Our hosts were quite gracious – we would continue to meet up with them for years to come. They also introduced us to other new FABulous friends at Disney.]

By the time we spent a couple of hours at dinner, the Concierge Lounge was closed so no evening cordials for us. Maybe next time. The next morning we headed over to Disney Studios. We were experiencing an unexpected cold snap and nobody was prepared for it. Like everybody else in the park, we took refuge in the gift shops, which soon became mobbed as people frantically bought sweat shirts and anything else warm they could find. We cut our time short and headed home. We figure we can go back any time since we have annual passes.

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  1. Larry says:

    Such a fun evening! We knew that we were meeting kindred spirits and that has certainly proved out over the years. One thing I remember is that Bob’s nephew was–shall we say?–pretty persnickety when it came to what he would eat. We had assured him and his Mom that Flying Fish had a great steak (sigh–and even better seafood!), but I think he mostly liked the mashed potatoes the best.


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