Return to Rose and Crown, 2005

Return to Rose & Crown, EPCOT, March 12, 2005

We decided we needed a Disney fix. It had been 3 weeks since our last visit and that’s about when we get antsy to go again. Saturday was a gorgeously beautiful sunny day with a high of about 75—and no clouds in the sky.

We left early enough in the morning, around 8:30 am, to make it to WDW without too many traffic back-ups. That’s the key, we’ve found, while they’re still widening the road—leave early enough to avoid backups and accidents that seem to eventually happen.

We also arrived early enough to park close enough to the entrance so that we didn’t need to take a tram. In fact, they weren’t even running yet. That’s the best way. We also discovered a new pathway from the far end of the parking row to the Kennel and on to the entrance gate. We didn’t bring any bags so we walked right through the security gate and into the park, breaking in our new 2005 Annual Passes. We were playing it all by ear. Our only appointment was at the Rose&Crown for lunch at 12 noon.

We considered riding Spaceship Earth but it had a bit of a line since it’s the first thing people see and tends to be busy first thing in the morning. So we headed on over to where the new attraction, Soarin, will be opening next month for a sneak preview for AP holders. We plan to return next month for this event and wanted to know the setup.Noticing The Living Seas to our right, we headed over there since we hadn’t experienced that attraction in a long time and certainly not since it’s Nemo makeover.

Our wandering then led us to the Imagination attraction, starring Figment. We also hadn’t ridden this attraction in a long time and, while it wasn’t that exciting back then, we gave it another try and enjoyed it more this time. That’s how it usually works the time after the time you thought something wasn’t very good. It’s never as bad as you remembered it. But we do love Figment so we used our Rewards Card points and purchased a Figment beanie.

This led us to the World Showcase, which was now open and since our PS was at Rose&Crown, we headed left towards Mexico to walk around World Showcase just in time for lunch.

Since our PS was for opening time, we had our choice of outside dining by the water and it was heavenly. Unfortunately, we don’t have any photos of that scenic area.

Here are our lunch choices:

For starters, we split the Fruit and Cheese Plate – authentic British cheeses served with seasonal fruit

Rich ordered the Harry Ramsden’s Fish and Chips – prime cod fillet cooked in a unique batter served with English chips and garden peas

Kathy ordered the Cottage Pie – ground beef with carrots topped with mashed potatoes and cheddar cheese

We washed it all down with a Beer Sampler called the Imperial Sampler – Guiness Stout, Bass Ale, Harp, Tennants Lager and Boddington’s English Pub Ale

For dessert, we shared our favorite Sticky Toffee Pudding – steamed pudding with vanilla custard and butter rum sauce

Who knew that English food could be so good?

After stuffing ourselves to the gills, we chose to walk over to the Boardwalk area, taking a nostalgic tour of the Yacht Club and the Boardwalk Inn. We rocked on the back porch of the Boardwalk Inn for awhile and then headed back through Epcot, stopping off for a yummy iced mocha coffee drink, called a Mocha Frost at “Espresso Coffee and Pastries—between UK and Canada. Unfortunately, we were in the wrong place at the wrong time and unbeknownst to us, on top of the hour the Fountain in Future World erupted and we got absolutely drenched. By the time we had walked out to the car, we felt refreshed but we still had to drive home in wet clothes. Luckily for Rich, we had a couple of extra shirts in the trunk so he was able to change out of his shirt, at least.

We had another wonderful, wonderful time and are looking forward to our next trip for the Soarin preview and an overnight stay at Caribbean Beach. We might sneak in a trip to Animal Kingdom a couple of weeks beforehand. This is when we truly love living in Central Florida.

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