Spontaneity at Epcot, Part 1

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Who: Rich and Kathy
When: September 4, 2005
Where: Epcot
Why: Labor Day Weekend

Part 1
Because we live just an hour from Disney, we never really know if we’re going to Disney or where in Disney we’re going until we get up that morning. And, BTW, I-4 has made huge improvements and it’s almost 6 lanes the entire stretch.

As Labor Day weekend was approaching, we thought we weren’t ready to get up at the crack of dawn on Saturday and go to Disney so we decided we’d go Sunday morning. We planned the trip all out. We’d get up early Sunday morning and go to church in Orlando, check out some new condos at the Mall at Millennia, hang out at the mall for a bit and then maybe a brief stop off at Downtown Disney.

But something happened when we approached the WDW/Celebration exit off of I-4. Noticing it was 8:50 am and realizing that if we made a turn directly into Disney, we could get to Epcot by park opening, we found ourselves entering the Epcot gates by 9 am. So much for church that morning (we’d grab an evening service later) and the condos at the Mall at Millennia. Besides, at this point, we figured if we were to move to Orlando, we’d move to Celebration and maybe we’d check out the Artisan Park condos on our way out. NOT!

Once we entered Epcot – we were committed to throwing ourselves into Disney. We stopped in at Guest Services and made a noon PS at Alfredos – we had fond memories of dinner here in ’99 and hadn’t been back since. We were anxious to try it again. The CM, however, made a huge point of correcting us that it is now “AR” – not “PS” (the first sign we’d seen that the CMs were finally switching over to the new terminology.) Rich resisted the urge to lecture the CM on how idiotic the whole idea was. Okay, I’ll say no more. Maybe Rich will add his opinion later on our blog.

We were hungry so we stopped in at Electric Umbrella and split a Bagel Breakfast Sandwich – egg, American Cheese and choice of sausage or bacon with 2 cartons of milk.

Having staved off our hunger but leaving room for our noon “AR”, we headed for Test Track . We’re always blown away by this ride. Can you believe how incredibly fast you go? It’s like being a race car driver – one of Kathy’s childhood fantasies. What a kick. The line was short, by the way. After Test Track we stopped to try out one of those huge vans with the DVD player in the back, thinking what family wouldn’t love to drive down to Disney in one of those – watching their favorite Disney movies on the way. On our way through the gift shop, we stopped to purchase a Minnie Mouse antenna topper – too cute to pass up. We then walked through Mouse Gear and noticed they did have the pitcher for the patio dish set we are collecting so we would be sure to pick one up on the way out.

At this point, we’re still thinking we might want to move to Celebration after all. But, then, we rode Soarin’ and, as always, we are swept with an incredible desire to move back to California or some place out West. It starts with remembering the refreshing feeling of rivers, cool fresh air, incredible ocean views, cool fresh air, mountains and waterfalls with cool fresh air, Disneyland nights with cool fresh air. Okay, you get the picture. Especially this time of year. While we did notice the slight drop in temperature, it’s still way too hot to truly enjoy the parks. The crowds were light and there was a bit of a rush of a breeze – almost bringing cool fresh air. But after awhile, it begins to be just too much.

This time we were seated in the bottom row at the far end. At first, Kathy commented that it was the worse seat in the house because she thought we’d miss some of the panorama effect. But it was exactly the opposite. It was one of the best seats because being on the end allowed her to really feel like she was soarin and she couldn’t see the feet overhead.

After Soarin’ , it was time to get a bottle of water and we wandered through the new Seasons food court. We were very impressed. We’ll make plans to come back for lunch. As it was, we couldn’t resist a little side dish of buffalo mozzarella and tomato . It was delicious! We were glad we had room for another little shared snack at WDW. Snacking around the parks, in lieu of a big meal, is one of our favorite things to do. But we had AR at Alfredos we wanted to keep so we made do with the salad.

We talked and did a little people watching – kids are so cute at Disney – we love to watch them having so much fun. By then it was almost time for World Showcase to open – boy do we wish WS opened earlier and stayed open later and while we’re wishing, had direct parking. This is our favorite place in all of WDW and this is the main reason we sometimes think about moving closer. If only we could just live at the Boardwalk.

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