Spontaneity at Epcot, Part 2

Part 2
We interrupt this mini-trip report posting for a weather channel announcement: Orlando just broke a 56-day record for 90 degrees or above. Also, temps are supposed to stay below 90 degrees a couple of days this week. Can we say Woo Hoo?!!

Now back to our regularly scheduled program of posting Part 2 of our Epcot report:

We took a right turn towards Canada and the UK pavilions, strolling along, noticing the gardens and commenting on how we’ll have to return in the cooler weather, especially when the roses are in full bloom. We reminisced about the Rose Garden in Portland and how the cool, mild climate is more conducive to growing roses. The flowers are so bountiful all over the Northwest and after a spring rain the air smells as fragrant as Hawaii. This is something we’ve missed since we left the area. We expected more of a floral experience in Florida but haven’t seen it in Central Florida – except for Disney. Maybe South Florida is more fragrant, although the tropical climate seems more conducive to growing banana trees and a wide variety of other green trees/plants rather than anything floral.

Just as we started to test a door leading into a shop as to whether they were open or not, a CM walking by had to tell us “we’re not open yet – not for several more minutes” as if we were ridiculous for even thinking they might be open – although the shop across the way was opening right then. I already figured out they weren’t open when the door didn’t budge. Maybe she meant well but it just annoyed me. I mean, don’t you already feel stupid when you try to open a door and it doesn’t open? You don’t need it announced like that.

Oh well, just one more of my pet peeves. We’re both really getting annoyed with CMs lately – think we’ve been overly exposed to Disney. I think we forgot to mention in Rich’s birthday report about the CM manning the line at Pooh at the MK . We were all lined up straight out into the sun when he could have so easily opened up the inside shady queue area by removing the chain. He just stood there as if in a daze.

Anyway, back at World Showcase , we wandered into the Boulangerie Patisserie in France and decided to have dessert before lunch (besides, sugar makes Kathy hungry). We spotted our favorite – a Cream Puff – only nobody would wait on us – both sides pretended to not be open yet. Finally, one side had mercy and retrieved the creme puff so we could purchase it at the register. Sheesh.

We found an outside table and enjoyed the pastry and the people-watching. We then strolled towards Italy , stopping in to see what the Tangerine Cafe was like in Morocco , making note that we might stop in on another trip for a quick bite, and then admired the Moroccan rugs. They were so soft to the touch and we would love to purchase one at a later date.

We strolled through the shops in Japan and commented that we’d like to come back for some sake tasting and maybe a snack at Yakitori House . No wonder we couldn’t make it to the regular mall today. World Showcase IS our mall – strolling, window shopping, tasting, drinking and dining with great atmosphere, people-watching and sometimes music to boot. Who could ask for anything more?

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