Food and Wine Festival, Sweet Sunday, 2006

Sweet Sunday 2006

Today we spent a wonderful Sunday morning feasting on a tasty breakfast buffet, champagne, and 3 desserts as prepared by world-famous French pastry chef Francois Payard of Payard Patiserrie in New York City. We had such a blast last year at Sweet Sunday that we had to book another one this year – there’s nothing quite like being served champagne at 9 o’clock in the morning at WDW. And we were not disappointed – although Chef Payard was the typical charming but crazy Frenchman. I can say that because my own grandfather was a crazy Frenchman. 🙂

When we first arrived at Epcot at 8:30 am, we had to check in with Mr. Clipboard by the Princess Breakfast line so we could be admitted early. It was fabulous strolling through Epcot before the rest of the crowd – wish we could do this every morning. 🙂 We joined the others in line outside the Chef’s Odyssey Building where our names were checked off again. The CM’s are so friendly and cheerful – we particularly enjoy specially ticketed events at Disney. That must be why so many of you enjoy the backstage tours.

Today was the kickoff morning of Disney’s Year of a Million Dreams celebration, and the announcement before ropedrop reflected that. It was a beautiful morning, although by the time our Sweet Sunday was over, it was already too hot, still. Anyway, when you enter the room there are numerous large tables set up with 6 or so place settings and a buffet table full of breakfast items. You can seat yourself at any of the tables and then get in line for breakfast. We chatted with several people throughout the event and most people, because they’re down for the week, went to Party for the Senses last night and Sweet Sunday this morning. We still haven’t made it to this Party, although we think these people have a great idea hitting both. People usually say they couldn’t really imagine being hungry for breakfast this morning after the night before but they manage to enjoy themselves anyway.

The breakfast buffet was tasty – a choice of 2 different kinds of frittatas, large turkey sausage, bacon, potatoes, fruit, juice, and coffee.

Chef Payard was amusing – we all chuckled together when he made amusing mistakes with the language – but when they invented the word “perfectionist,” they must have had him in mind. He was determined to turn this event into a class – this is not one of the class-type events – and even called a couple of people up on stage with him to show them how to make decorations out of chocolate. After each demonstration, we were all served a portion of the dessert with servings of champagne with the first 2 citrus desserts, and a special port-like wine with the chocolate cake. Mr. Payard does not like champagne with chocolate and insisted on a different wine. Lucky for us.

Here was the today’s dessert/wine menu:


Lemon Tart
Pineapple Tea Cakes
Chocolate Pudding Cake


Champagne Lanson Black Label Brut
Les Clos de Paulilles Banyuls

Afterwards, we headed for the Festival Center and peeked into the Wine Cellar where there were hundreds of bottles of wine. We picked up a bottle of Indaba Shiraz we especially enjoyed in the South Africa booth last Friday. We noticed on the way out that Epcot was getting quite busy with activities, people, events, and, while exciting, it was all rather exhausting – especially since it’s still so darn hot. We went home to crash.
We’re tempted to see if there are any more openings at the Party for the Senses but not quite sure if we’ll actually book one. We already have a Halloween party coming up and another Food & Wine event booked for next month – in addition to more tastings of the food booths with plans to take in some of the evening entertainment, too.

We often comment on how exhausting it all is but maybe that’s because most people take time out of their normal lives to do WDW on “vacation.” We’re trying to squeeze it all into a normal day with all of our normal responsibilities – work, home, pets, car, errands, shopping, appointments, etc. Ha! Oh well, guess somebody’s gotta do it. 🙂

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