Saratoga Springs

Saratoga Springs

We pass Saratoga Springs quite often on our trips to Downtown Disney when we take the 535 route, rather than driving on-property. It didn’t really impress us all that much – it looked nice enough – the property was quite large, but we didn’t know why we should give it a second thought. Until now.

We decided we’d park at Downtown Disney and then take the walking path over to Saratoga Springs and tour the grounds, just to have something to do.

The path was peaceful, beautiful, and offered water views of DD, PI, and WestSide. We noticed how lovely the grounds were and the buildings were quite welcoming. We could see ourselves staying there sometime. We passed the “quiet” pool and where sometimes the quiet pool means the boring pool, this one looked quite inviting. It was warm and humid out and we were thinking we’d love to be a guest, lounging out by that pool.

By the time we arrived to the Community Center, we were totally impressed. In fact, we thought why couldn’t this be a condo community – now wouldn’t that be the perfect place to live full-time? The community by itself is enchanting – never mind its access to DD. The main pool was quite inviting – it reminded us of the Wilderness Lodge pool area. There was a pool bar, some seating – both chaise and with tables – and had at least two water slides and the pool had zero entry like other resort pools, such as Animal Kingdom Lodge and the Grand Floridian.

We were hungry enough for a snack so we walked inside “Artist Palette” to see what we could find. Besides the counter where you can order hot food – there is also an attached gift shop, and being a DVC property, groceries, wine, and other supplies for your kitchen. This is the best DVC set-up we’ve seen. If we were to do a DVC property, we’d choose one of these stand-alone properties over one attached to a resort – the amenities were so complete and gave a feeling of being at a resort where you could enjoy serious vacation time relaxing away from a park – if you chose to do so. At first we thought SS was too far from the parks – and perhaps why it hasn’t sold as well as other locations – but we love it for that very fact.

Anyway, we shared a delicious cheese flatbread pizza and 2 single-serving bottles of Beringer Stone Cellar Chardonnay – another find. This was some of the best Chardonnay we’ve ever had and plan to order some for our own cellar. 🙂 Or we may just make a return trip to Saratoga Springs. Since we plan to book another couples’ massage for Valentine’s Day week and our half-anniversary, we’ll compare the one here with the one at the GF.

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