Lindo Michoacan – Best Mexican Restaurant in “Best of Las Vegas”

We agree with the readers of the Las Vegas Review Journal who voted Lindo Michoacan ( as the “Best Mexican Restaurant” in the 27th annual “Best of Las Vegas” survey for 2008. In fact, the Review-Journal says, “This has become such a popular Mexican restaurant in Las Vegas over the years that a huge group of non-Spanish-speakers now knows how to pronounce the word ‘Michoacan’.”

If you’ve yet to discover this restaurant, along about now you may asking how to pronounce this restaurant’s name? That and narrowing down what to order are the most difficult parts of the experience. Enjoying a delicious meal, cooling off with a cold margarita and relaxing on the patio are the easy parts.

We first stumbled upon this place on our first day of house hunting after arriving in Las Vegas. Being a longtime lover of Mexican Food, we’re always open to trying a new place, especially one with a welcoming, decorative building. The outside patio was a bonus, although on the first visit we dined inside. We returned soon after and soaked up the warmth of a March desert sun dining alfresco.

Instead of the usual chips and salsa, chips are delivered with a delicious warm bean dip. And the freshly-made tortillas that come with the entrees are to die for – they’re absolutely heavenly and the best we’ve had anywhere. But you’re also given a cup of tomato soup with noodles – tastier than you might think – and if you don’t watch out, you’ll be full before your meal arrives.

Known for their tender and tasty carnitas, Lindo Michoacan delivers that and more. Some of our favorites are the Chili Colorado, chicken Chimichanga, and FAJITAS de GALLINA: Chicken breast stir fried with green chiles, onions, cilantro, and tomatoes. The chicken was lightly crusted while being fork tender at the same time.

After tasting the tacos and enchiladas off my companion’s combination plate called URUAPAN: Green pork, and bean burrito, beef enchilada, and chicken taco, next time I plan to order just the tacos and a margarita—yummy and generous with the tequila. My companion enjoyed the Mexican beer of choice: Negro Modelo.

Delicious, filling, and refreshing—what more could you ask for? This is definitely a step above the average Mexican or Tex-Mex eatery like Chevy,s for example. The only downside to this off-strip eatery is if you’re staying on the Strip and you don’t have a car.

Lindo Michoacan, inspired by their family ties to Michoacan in Mexico, is a family-run business and it shows in their excellent service. Linda means “pretty” and Michoacan is a state in Mexico. And about pronouncing the second part of the name, according to, it’s “mee-chaw-ah-kahn.”

Just writing this has given me a craving for some delicious Mexican food at Lindo Michoacan. Since they’re open for lunch, I’ll be right there.

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