Big Kahuna Trip Report May 17, Part 1

Saturday, May 17, Part One: The Journey

We started loading the car at 7:30 a.m. on Saturday morning and were soon on our way. It was fun driving in the desert and we were sailing down the road, sipping our coffee, and starting to get hungry. I asked Rich where the breakfast cookies were and he said, “Oops, I think we forgot to pack them—guess we really didn’t want to eat those.” LOL. We stopped off at Burger King in Baker—a place I had car problems before so it was a bit nerve wracking getting off the road and stopping in Baker. But, alas, no problems this time. We each got a croissant breakfast sandwich and were back on the road.

As we drove past Ghost Town Road, I pointed out the sign to Calico and we made note that we should go see Calico again. I hadn’t done that in years and this was something we could do on a day trip. It was a glorious feeling to turn south at Barstow—our first milestone—and head for Victorville. I had heard a lot about how much it had changed but it seems to have changed for the better, IMHO.

I started seeing more familiar landmarks and we stopped for gas in Norco. Oh boy, now there’s a story. Years ago my mother threatened to move us from our beach city to Norco and I cried all night. She changed her mind then but later moved us all the way to Oregon. Maybe I should have settled for Norco. LOL. Norco had changed but it still retained its cowboy feeling. The good news was we found gas for less than $4 per gallon.

We were soon on our way and the traffic was picking up a bit. I recognized signs that I hadn’t thought about since I was a kid hanging out with my grandmother—street signs such as “Jurupa” and “Limonite.” We couldn’t decide between taking the Riverside Freeway or the Pomona Freeway and we decided on the Riverside. We decided to try the Pomona Freeway on the way back. I remember when the Pomona Freeway didn’t even exist and we had to take Harbor Blvd. right past Disneyland to drive from our beach city home to my grandmother’s house in Pomona. My how things have changed.

But not much longer and we were exiting on Ball Road, turning left onto Disneyland Drive and noticing the brand-new Downtown Disney entrance for the first time—it felt like we were approaching Disney World. It was so exciting and felt great to be back home.

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