Big Kahuna Trip Report May 17, Part 2

Saturday, May 17, Part 2: The Arrival

We parked the car in the self-park parking garage and headed over to the Registration Desk around 12 noon. Imagine our surprise when the CM said, “Welcome. You’re the Big Kahuna Family of the Day.” We were being upgraded to the Big Kahuna Suite, we were each given a lei, several Mickey balloons, and the CM took our picture in front of the Surfer Dude Goofy, which we could pick up later at the desk when it was ready. Woo hoo!

She then asked, “Is this anybody’s birthday?” and because this was an early birthday celebration, I said, “Yes, it’s mine.” She asked my name and then she proceeded to give me a personalized “Happy Birthday” pin with my name on it.

Well, by now, we were feeling really special. We couldn’t wait to see the suite and we were hoping this meant it would be ready right then–-or why else would they be bestowing such an honor right now? Well, it was not ready yet (slight disappointment here), but we were given a number to call to check when it would be ready.

Anaheim was having a heatwave and when California has a heatwave, it is not pleasant. In fact, it starts to get humid and, coming in from the dry desert of Las Vegas, we were feeling like we were back in Florida. 🙂 How ironic that we would decide to celebrate my birthday in May instead of July to avoid the heat. LOL.

So how to kill some time before our room would be ready? Downtown Disney for lunch? Disneyland to activate our Annual Passes? What about our luggage and what about my purse? I didn’t want to walk around Disneyland and go through bag check with my purse. So we checked our bags with the valet desk, grabbed our IDs, held on tightly to our AP vouchers, and headed for Downtown Disney.

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