Big Kahuna Trip Report May 18, Part 1

Sunday, May 18, Part 1: An Alarming Morning

We decided we’d go to Disneyland in time for Magic Mornings only if we happened to wake up at 6 a.m. Arriving at the park by 7 a.m. just to ride the new Sub ride wasn’t very compelling. When we didn’t wake up until 7 a.m., we figured getting there at the regular opening time of 8 a.m. would have to be early enough.

I hopped in the shower (btw, we haven’t described the strange shower yet—it was tucked behind a wall so that only the front end of the shower was accessible) and when I got out, it sounded like Rich was talking to someone. I was curious about that so I got dressed and peeked into the room to find Rich on the phone.

I overheard words such as “alarm” and “security breach” and got a little nervous. This was the first we had left our new house and kitties with a pet sitter since we moved to Las Vegas. One of the things we loved about living so close to WDW is that we didn’t have to leave our cats with a pet sitter and we’d be home with them every night. We have 3 Burmese cats and they are full of personality, are quite affectionate, and interactive. They follow us all over the house and hate to be alone. And we hate to leave them alone or even with a pet sitter, which we have come to the house twice a day to give them plenty of attention and care. They are our kids.

Already tense about being away from home, this was my worst fear. Something must have happened at home and I was ready to suggest we just go home now. What a shame since we just got there. But then Rich explained what had happened.

While I was in the shower he turned on his cell phone and had a voicemail from our home security company. He called the security company and discovered our house alarm motion detector had gone off at about midnight, but there hadn’t been a breach of windows or doors and the alarm had reset itself. When they didn’t hear from us, they notified the police patrolling the area and since they hadn’t heard anything more, they assumed all was well.

Rich tried calling our pet sitter but got no response. So then he paged her and she called back. Apparently, she had set the alarm to “away” instead of “stay” as we had requested so the motion detector must have picked up one of the cats moving around. Whew! It was a big relief but still unnerving. But it was an easy mistake–all of her clients have her set the alarm to “away” and she’s never had a problem. But we thought the cats might be detected by the motion detector so we wanted her to set it to “stay.” We left her pages of instructions but we had forgotten to write this part down, although we had mentioned it verbally. Next time, we’ll write it down just to make sure.

Anyway, she headed to our house to check on things and to feed the kitties and when she called back to report that all was well, we were free to start our day in the parks.

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