Big Kahuna Trip Report May 18, Part 2

May 18, Part 2: Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen

By the time we finished settling things with the security company and our pet sitter, we decided it was time to regroup and discuss our plans for the day over a cup of coffee in the sitting room. This room was very comfortable and we enjoyed having the extra space. The coffee maker made 1 cup at a time, but that was no problem.

It was after 8 a.m. by this time and since DCA opened at 10 a.m., that would give us plenty of time to scope out some breakfast at Downtown Disney and wander over to DCA by rope drop. After our stressful morning, a relaxing morning greatly appealed to us.

It was a beautiful morning—not too hot yet—and we enjoyed the stroll over to Downtown Disney from Paradise Pier. The sweet-smelling Honeysuckles and the gorgeous Bougainvillea (love Bougainvillea—we put one on our lanai in our Florida home but the heat/humidity was just too much for it) just added to the pleasure of the walk.

We weren’t sure where we’d eat in Downtown Disney but we had in mind perhaps stopping at La Brea Bakery but when we saw Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen advertising a hot breakfast, we had to check it out. Beignets? Chicory Coffee? Oh my goodness, we had to eat breakfast here. And were we glad we did. We couldn’t seem to tear ourselves away from Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen for our entire stay and this is definitely on our list for our next trip. Love, love, love it! The décor, the food, the service—very authentic to New Orleans.

Ah, noshing on Beignets and Chicory Coffee on a beautiful morning in southern California al fresco was supreme! Hooked on this, we’re having a tough time getting going in the morning at home without it.

Stay tuned for more glowing reports.

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