Big Kahuna Trip Report May 18, Part 6

May 18, Part 6: Back to the Resort

Having accomplished the two things we set out to do this morning, we headed back to the resort to cool off in the pool. We looked longingly at the pool yesterday afternoon but decided we’d get there in the early afternoon today before the crowds arrived.

We booked the Paradise Pier Resort because it was the least expensive resort on-property, and in May, coming from Las Vegas, we never expected to want to use a pool. Had we known how hot it was going to be, we may have made a different choice. But our goal is to experience all three Disneyland resorts by the end of this year, starting at the bottom and working our way to the top. But since I’ve stayed at the DL hotel (representing our little family), we may get to skip this one. 🙂

On the way back to the resort, we stopped in at the front desk to pick up our “Big Kahuna Family” photo. Since we returned from our trip we read reports about a frame being included with the photo and also a “Big Kahuna Family” pin. We were the first “Big Kahuna Family” for the CM who checked us in so we don’t know if she overlooked some things or if it’s done differently now. But we also noticed that we received two copies of the photo so maybe that’s what you get instead of one framed photo. We chose our own frame at World of Disney, which we display at home, and having the second print allowed for Rich to replace the photo on his desk at work with this one. It’s a fun photo and it makes us smile whenever we look at it—either at work or at home.

The rooftop pool is on the third floor between the resort and the parking garage. There’s a water slide that the kids seem to love, a kiddie pool, a rectangular pool, a covered hot tub, and lounge chairs all around. If you book a room on the third floor, you get your own private patio with direct access to the pool—that’s a real plus. Those may be concierge level rooms.

But we really don’t care for rooftop pools because they’re surrounded by cement and there’s not a lot of atmosphere. We’ve been spoiled with Las Vegas and Disney World resort pools. One of our favorite hangouts at Disney resort pools is the bar. But here there were no snacks, no drinks, no nothing around this pool. So after we splashed around a bit to cool off, we headed back to the room to get some room service lunch before our afternoon nap. Well, this resort doesn’t have 24-hour room service, and, unlike the other resorts, it doesn’t even have lunch-time room service—room service is available for breakfast and dinner only. Ack!

We really wanted a burger after our swim so we called the hotel restaurant (PCH Grill). Out of luck—this was Sunday and they were only serving brunch. We wanted a burger. 🙂 Anyway, the Surfside Lounge was serving a few select items and, lucky for us, burgers were on the menu. Woo hoo! But this meant changing out of our swimsuits, showering, getting dressed, taking the slow elevator down 15 floors, and sitting in the bar.

A family with 2 small kids came into the lounge and sat up at the bar and they were pointed to a regular table because kids can’t sit up at the bar. We wish all of Disney restaurants/bars would enforce that. We’ve been to too many Disney “adult” lounges only to be run over by the kids. Case in point: Dad’s Liquor Cabinet at Prime Time.

Our “All American Cheeseburgers with Fries” hit the spot, we had a restful nap, woke up to the A/C conking out, called Engineering, got the A/C fixed and we were ready for dinner and some rides at Disneyland—it’s about time!

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