Big Kahuna Trip Report, May 19, Part 1

May 19, Part 1: More Beignets

We are beach lovers and the one downside to living in the desert is we don’t have an ocean. So on our DL trips we must try to squeeze in a beach day. But, first, back to Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen (Express) for more beignets and chicory coffee. Woo hoo!

On the elevator ride down from our room on the 15th floor we overheard what seemed to be a conversation between a free-spirited dad, complete with earring and male partner, and his teen-age daughter. She, being the more conservative one, was complaining that her dad let her wear “pleather” for her school pictures. The dad looked at us and laughingly said, “I’ll pay for your therapy.” The daughter continued to complain about her liberal childhood and the partner laughed and said, “Hey, this is supposed to be the Happy Place.” We laughed along with them and they looked relieved.

We found this to be true throughout our stay. Parents seemed especially conscious of their children’s behavior (for the most part) and seemed relieved when we smiled at the kids or gave them special attention. We were really surprised by this. And, at DL, we weren’t so overrun with those double strollers like we were at WDW–another nice surprise. We also noticed more little girls were dressed up like Minnie Mouse in her red dress () instead of so many princesses. But the kids are really cute and it’s great seeing them having so much fun!

Anyway, it was a beautiful morning and not too hot yet so we walked to Downtown Disney from Paradise Pier–it’s a lovely walk in the morning when you’re fresh. Downtown Disney was peacefully quiet at this time of day, which was after park opening. DD can be quite busy because it’s the main thoroughfare to the parks from all resorts–although not the GC so much.

When we arrived, the Kitchen Express was having some A/C leaking problems (the theme of this trip) so we had to go in the other door and place our order. Everybody we ran into was very nice. We grabbed a table underneath cover this time and these tables were much better at handling powdered sugar running amok. LOL. Not as much powdered sugar landed on our clothing. I used to say I wanted to live at New Orleans Square–now I’d be happy to live at Ralph Brennan’s. 🙂

While I didn’t enjoy working at WDW, I’m seriously thinking that when we retire, we’ll sell the house, get an RV, park it down the street from DL at one of the RV parks and get a part-time retirement job somewhere at DLR. Hee, hee! Have I changed my tune.

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