Big Kahuna Trip Report May 19, Part 4

May 19, Part 4: Tortilla Joes

After we woke up from our nap we realized the A/C wasn’t working again–and this time it wasn’t working in either room. We had called engineering every day since we checked in and we just didn’t want to call them again. But that was just the thing that tipped the scales in favor of spending one last night in Downtown Disney for eating and shopping and then driving home to see our kitties and reassuring ourselves that everything was okay at home. This was the first time we had been away from home for so many days in five years. When we lived in Florida, we only stayed overnight one night at a time.

There were so many places to eat at Downtown Disney but we really wanted to try Tortilla Joe’s and that was about all we were up for eating anyway after that big lunch at the beach. Rich placed our order at the walk-up window (there is a separate restaurant with indoor/outdoor seating as well) and then sat down with me while we waited for our name to be called. We didn’t hear it but another nice guest walked over to tell us our order was ready. Are these friendly people all Californians or out-of-staters? I don’t remember my fellow Californians being so friendly. LOL! Or maybe after our journey, we’ve changed–not as stressed–and are now attracting friendly vibes.

We shared an order of two different kinds of tacos and they were scrumptious–we will definitely be back to try the restaurant.

Tortilla Joe’s Tacos: 2 corn tortillas with onions, cilantro, and choice of meat

1 order of Marinated Beef Tacos
1 order of Shredded Pork Tacos

After we ate, we headed for World of Disney—similar to but not as large as the one at WDW. We bought two picture frames for the photos that were taken of us. BTW, we forgot to mention the gift shop at the Grand Californian, which was a favorite. In fact, before this trip we were hoping to buy a light blue wrap to put on our couch and we found the exact color at this gift shop with the Disneyland logo on it. We bought that and we really loved this store—the CM was very friendly and the shop had a lot of nice stuff in it.

After World of Disney, we stopped in at Basin (a favorite from our WDW days), but didn’t find anything we had to have. We popped into Compass Books and Café, which was a wonderfully large book store for a Disney location we thought. We noticed many books on baseball. I, of course, believe that baseball and California are synonymous (grandpa was a pro pitcher). LOL.

We checked out Marceline’s Confectionary but were afraid any of the chocolate items would melt so we didn’t purchase anything. And we stopped in at Island Charters, which had delightful beach-themed merchandise. But what caught our attention was Willie Nelson’s Reggae CD being played. It was way cool! We purchased that and more about that in our final comments.

We headed for the Disneyland Hotel and was approached by a CM with a survey about our thoughts on Downtown Disney–we loved it! Then we continued on our way to the Hotel (under the Mickey hat) for a quick look around to see if we’d like to stay there in the future. I stayed there years and years ago and was curious how it stood up today. This was the first time I had seen the NeverLand Pool since the redo and noticed how much nicer the pool area and grounds are here compared to Paradise Pier. The pool area may even be nicer than the Grand Californian’s pool area. We concluded that this would be a good choice during pool weather.

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