Golden Dreams

Listening to Park Hopper (my new favorite Disney radio station on Live365), I heard the soundtrack to the Golden Dreams attraction in Disney’s California Adventure. Now how did I miss this attraction on my first visit to DCA last month? Well, we were trying to make up for 8 years and there was so much to see and do, we overlooked it. I’ve got to go right back and do that. If anybody has read me for any length of time or poked around this blog, you know I’m proud to be a native Californian. And it’s the history that I love the most, especially since I’m a history buff.

Golden Dreams is a fabulous history lesson in entertainment form, from the early Spanish explorers to modern-day to everything in-between. it captures my history and my family’s history from the Grapes of Wrath to the building of airplanes to the opening of Disneyland and my recent visit to DCA for the first time after moving back from living near Walt Disney World. I had too much history here to stay away forever.

Whoopi Goldberg’s character Califia says, “People keep coming because they dream of a good life and California embodies that dream.” Unfortunately, it’s too crowded and expensive to live there now, so like many other Californians I’m doing the next best thing – living just thirty miles from the border and 4 hours to Disneyland.

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