EOS in Vegas

We had been anticipating going to lunch at Earl of Sandwich for some time because we used to go there quite frequently when we lived near Walt Disney World. But here it’s located inside Planet Hollywood just off Dessert Passage Shopping, with walking access from Las Vegas Blvd.

From the parking garage, you have to wind through Dessert Passage and, for some reason, we kept getting lost. The first time we toured this property, it seemed so easy to find Earl of Sandwich. Eventually, we asked a blackjack dealer for directions. LOL!

EOS was as popular as ever (located across from the sports book) and the sandwiches were just as delicious. Even the potato salad was as yummy as it should be (unlike the last time we had it at WDW). What we both must admit, though, it that it was a bit disorienting hearing the clanging of slot machines while we ate our sandwiches instead of being surrounded by Disney guests and Mickey Mouse and the gang. Hey, Mickey, we’re not in Florida anymore. 🙂

But we did notice a Dessert Passage customer service rep riding up and down the aisles on a Segway. BTW, if you’d like to see a Las Vegas policeman on a Segway, check out this YouTube video:

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