September Beach and Baseball Disneyland Trip, Day 3

We woke up to another foggy morning. Being used to the constant sunshine in Las Vegas we were having a hard getting our energy up with overcast skies. We never thought California would seem too gloomy for us.

To get ourselves going, we ordered a bigger room service this time, a Mickey-shaped Waffle with butter & syrup, and a Denver Omelet. We shared both entrees and washed them down with a large pot of coffee. Now we were ready to tackle DCA, even with the clouds.

DCA opened at 10 a.m., so right about opening time, we walked over to the Grand Californian and entered it through the Downtown Disney entrance. We stopped to admire the lobby and noticed the fire burning in the fireplace. The fireplace area in the GC is very inviting – tucked away in a cozy nook with rocking chairs and benches. We sat down for a while, rocking and enjoying the fire. The day seemed brighter already.

Then we entered the park using the GC entrance and headed straight for Soarin’. This is a marvelous ride that never grows old. There was only a short wait and soon we were queued up to get onboard. We got the highest row and loved our flight.

When we disembarked, we decided to cheer ourselves up with a couple lattes at the coffee stand. Drinks in hand, we strolled through Paradise Pier, stopping to sit and watch the Sun Wheel Ferris wheel, vowing never to get on this due to our aversion to heights.

Still not fully invigorated, we chose to walk through the Pacific Wharf area to see what was happening. The answer was, not much. But we did see some folks entering the Mission Tortilla Factory. So we followed them, watching tortillas being made (not that we hadn’t seen it before). Our reward was a hot, yummy tortilla at the end of the tour.

Keeping on a roll, we crossed over to the Boudin Bakery tour. Here we received so equally yummy sourdough bread and tour the factory, watching Rosie O’Donnell and Colin Mochrie on video screens explain what was happening. It was cute and the bread was delicious.

By the time the second tour of the day was over and our coffee long-forgotten, we realized we needed another pick-me-up (hey, it was still cloudy). So we headed over to the Golden Vineyard Winery. Here we walked through the vineyards, checking out the different varieties of grapes growing. It was a pleasant place to relax as we headed to do some wine tasting.

At the wine tasting booth, we both got glasses of Francis Coppola Diamond Series Syrah. We sat at the corner table in an empty wine tasting area. The quietness of being alone here along with the stillness of the cloudy day actually made our time here very relaxing and romantic. We were only interrupted by the cast of High School Musical 2 as they drove by on their float on the way to the next show.

We still didn’t have a lot of energy, so we just strolled through the Hollywood Backlot area wishing we could watch the Aladdin show, but it was closed. We didn’t stop anywhere here. When we hit the dead end, we noted that we were getting hungry and decided to head out of the park and over to Downtown Disney for lunch.


Kathy Says: We had a more favorable impression of DCA this morning. Because it was so quiet, we were able to explore it at our own pace and discover little nooks and crannies. And unlike the previous trip, the wine tasting area was practically deserted, which made for a very relaxing morning. We could have stayed there all day.

Kathy: Turkey and Avocado Sandwich – Oven-Roasted Turkey, Avocado, Spicy Mayo and Arugula on Country Wheat.

Rich: Chowder in Bread Bowl

When we arrived at Brea Bakery, we thought it would nice to be seated for a sit-down service lunch. But after waiting at the hostess’ desk for way too long with no one to help us, we gave us and went inside to the Express counter instead. This was the only case we had during the trip where the service wasn’t top-notch.

We took our trays of food to the seating area and got a nice table near the entrance to the parks. The food was delicious once again. As usual, we shared our entrees with each other so we could enjoy as much variety of food as possible.

Back in the room, we rested up before we headed down to the pool where we soaked in the hot tub for quite a while. The hot, bubbling water was very therapeutic. It was still cloudy, so the pool didn’t look too inviting. After a quick lay-out on the lounge chairs, we headed back up. On our way, we walked through the Lost Bar, and it looked very inviting. We planned to get dressed and come back for a drink.

When we returned to the Lost Bar not long afterward, we just didn’t feel comfortable – there were mostly people hanging around discussing the up-coming USC/Ohio State football game (thankfully USC kicked their butts). We wanted somewhere quieter. It was time to visit a place we had been wanting to try since our last visit – Catal Uva Bar and Cafe.

Kathy Says: As I mentioned earlier, the Disneyland Hotel attracts people for events other than a DL vacation. Weddings and football games are just two. Disneyland Resort and the DL Hotel both have much more of a party vibe than WDW.

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