September Beach and Baseball Disneyland Trip, Day 4

We were up at 5:00 a.m. and quickly ready to go. We wanted to get ahead of some of the traffic. We called the front desk for express check-out, retrieved our car from the valet, and we were on the road. The trip again was, thankfully, uneventful. At around 9:30 a.m., we arrived home where we were warmly greeted by our hungry cats.

So how was our trip? Excellent! We got to do and see so many things, including attending an exciting Angels baseball game.

You, dear observant reader, may have noticed that the word Beach appears in the title of our report as if we went to the beach this trip. Well, that was our intention. We planned to go Corona del Mar beach on Friday morning. But as the trip progressed, we realized that we were not up for an extra outing like that. And we had the pool and hot tub at Disneyland Hotel to enjoy for our water relaxation. And it was foggy every day. So, while we love the beach, and miss it living in Las Vegas, we skipped that event this trip.

One of things I’ve noticed now that we are back visiting Disneyland is how friendly and service-oriented all the CMs are here. The hotel staffs are always helpful and ready to assist, sometimes going way beyond the call of duty (like finding replacement cell phone deals when we lost one of our cell phones last trip). The only weak service we experienced this trip was waiting to be seated for lunch at La Brea Bakery (we eventually gave up). But, to be fair, the employees here are probably not employed directly by Disney.

Another observation is our reaction to DCA. When DCA was being built we felt that it would be an unwelcome intrusion – taking over our beloved parking lot and moving the focus away from Walt’s sacred original park. And we thought we were vindicated in our reaction when we heard that the new park was underwhelming and the reception to it was lackluster.

But after visiting DCA on two trips now, we have come to enjoy DCA, or at least certain aspects of it. It’s actually nice to have a second park to visit. And there are certain sections that are quite pleasant to spend time in. And the good news is, Disney is refurbishing large parts of the park to make it better.

And last but not least, we must once again commend the design of Downtown Disney. It has lots of great shopping and dining options, and in the evening, great live music.

Thanks for reading.

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