Disneyland: Our First Christmas Back, Day 1 Part 2

Saturday, December 27, Day 1 Part 2

After our wine tasting where we could have spent the entire day, we decided to check out Blue Sky Cellar next door (as seen in above pictures). Before this venue was turned into a sneak preview center of the upcoming changes to DCA, it had been showing a film of the Napa Valley region – a region very near and dear to our hearts having lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 20 years. In fact, the whole Pacific Wharf area is so nostalgic for us.

We’re very excited about the changes to DCA, but first we want to mention how much we were against DCA when we first heard about it. Along with others, we thought it was ridiculous to have a California-based theme park in California. Besides, I grew up there and how dare they take my parking lot and turn it into something fabulous. But after moving away from my home state of California, living in Florida for several years, and then moving back west to just 30 minutes from the California state line, I must say how much we love DCA. And the changes will only make it better.

Just like World Showcase gives us a feeling that we’re revisiting some of our travels to different parts of the world, DCA gives us that same feeling about the diverse regional experiences of California. So familiar with back packing, hiking, and camping in the Sierras, we feel like we’re back in the Sierras when we stroll through the Grand Californian and the Grizzly Peak area. Paradise Pier reminds us of Santa Cruz. And the Pacific Wharf area is like strolling through Monterey/Carmel again – places we frequented regularly – the theming is so realistic. Like one person said, what they need here is a seafood restaurant, although Pacific Wharf Café does offer clam chowder and a San Francisco Shrimp Louis. But I would think a Chinese restaurant would be a must. Living in the Bay Area taught us so many things about diverse cultures and the representative foods, and the Asian culture makes up a huge proportion of life in the Bay Area.

Anyway, back to the Preview Center. Besides exhibits showing future development, there was a movie depicting some of the new additions to DCA – familiar to Disney World guests. Besides theming some of the lame non-themed carnival rides in Paradise Pier by 2010 (more on that later when we report on Toy Story), there is going to be a new land called Cars with Test Track and Sci-Fi Dine Inn – WOO HOO! Unfortunately, this part of the renovation won’t be completed until 2012. Looks like we’re going to have to stick around until then.

After viewing this attraction, we were getting close to our PS at Tortilla Joe’s in Downtown Disney and the closer it got to nightfall, the colder it was becoming. Each day it would warm more, but the evenings and early mornings were cold with warm, sunny afternoons. This was when we were missing the warmth and humidity of Florida. We had become so accustomed to that and had forgotten how “cold” California could be.  Or maybe the winters only feel cold to us now after living in Florida.

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