Disneyland: Our First Christmas Back, Day 1 Part 3

Saturday, December 27, Day 1 Part 3

Warming up with Sweatshirts and Food

There’s a lot to write about on this first day, so we may as well move on to part 3.

Before the trip we were talking about how we wanted to use our year’s end reward points. I really wanted Rich to have one of those cool Disneyland leather jackets, but when we were walking in Downtown Disney, we saw this couple with matching Disneyland sweatshirts and Rich thought they were so cute, wearing matching sweatshirts. So after our wine tasting we decided to pop into World of Disney before our 5 p.m. PS at Tortilla Joe’s to get sweatshirts. And then we wouldn’t have to return to our room to pick up jackets before dinner and the evening at Disneyland Park.

We didn’t see any of those cool leather jackets, but we saw plenty of Disneyland sweatshirts—they seemed to be quite popular. We found the white one that we saw the couple wearing but only had the right size for Rich. Besides, they must have been made for men because the sleeves were too long for me. We browsed around for a sweatshirt for me, but I couldn’t find one I liked as much. We both really wanted a sweatshirt with a zipper and hood. But then suddenly I saw it—a red Minnie Mouse sweatshirt with ragged trim—it appeared out of nowhere, as if somebody had put it down just for me.

At the checkout counter we saw a Disneyland calendar for 2009 and snapped that up, also. We put on our toasty-warm sweatshirts and headed for Tortilla Joe’s. On a previous trip, we had eaten at the quick-serve Taqueria, but this would be the first time we would eat at the sit down restaurant.

We noticed right away that the restaurant was decorated festively as the Christmas tree greeted us in the foyer.

We were seated at a booth and our fabulous server appeared immediately to introduce himself, and to start our tasty meal with chips and salsa. He was delightfully warm, funny, and, of course, quite knowledgeable about his native cuisine and he gave us excellent service. If we hadn’t just had wine, we might have ordered a pitcher of Margaritas or the tequila sampler. Instead, we ordered sodas.

We love to order beer or wine flights to sample a variety of alcohol we haven’t yet tasted. And while I have my favorite vodka (Ketel One), I don’t really know the differences in tequila and would love to try the sampler on a future trip. On a side note, Rich had the Scotch Sampler when we were having lunch with famous Passporters Bob & Larry (of the “B&L Dining Experience”) at Rose & Crown at WDW—another memorable meal.

We booked this restaurant for Saturday night because the menu on AllEars mentioned that on Friday and Saturday nights (only) there was “Latin Prime Rib.” We didn’t see it on the menu and asked our server about it. He mentioned that it wasn’t that popular so they only served it on holidays. I guess two days after Christmas didn’t count. No matter. We got a taste of their fabulous beef in our entrées. We ordered the following:

Rich: Combination plate of Chicken Enchilada with salsa roja and Shredded Beef Tamale with salsa verde

Kathy: Sizzling Fajitas with roasted peppers and onions, served with vegetarian black beans and Mexican red rice

I ordered beef fajitas, but when our server asked if I wanted corn or flour tortillas and he mentioned the corn tortillas were handmade, I said I wanted those and then said, “If I have corn tortillas, I’ll have chicken fajitas because I like that combination better” and he suggested, “How about both—beef and chicken?” So I ordered the combo. I ended up eating just one tortilla because the huge portion of meat was so amazingly flavorful (especially the steak), and I didn’t want to fill up on tortillas. I shared some of my chicken and steak with Rich, the portion was so large.

So in spite of not having Latin-spiced prime rib on the menu, the steak was what I would imagine that to be anyway—some of the best steak I’ve ever had—marbled, spiced, and tender. And the peppers – wowsa – I now see what the hoopla is about peppers. And since I’m writing this in the wee hours of the morning and Rich is asleep, we’ll have to wait to see if he has anything else to add about his meal.

Sneak Preview: I had been tempted to order a tamale, as Rich did, but when I saw my appetizer at Napa Rose the next night, I was glad I waited.

Next: Do we really need a parade on a “park filled to capacity” night?

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