Disneyland: Our First Christmas Back, Day 2 Part 2

Sunday, December 28, Day 2 Part 2

A Quiet Morning

This morning was early entry in Disneyland Park, but there was no way we were going to get up early enough to arrive by 7 a.m. That is way too early for the parks for us.

As a couple, we really dislike connecting doors and this room had a connecting door on both sides. We did hear the little kids fussing in the room next door–it sounded like they were up getting ready for a fun day at the park. Normally, this would bother us, but Disney kids are so adorable and we get all caught up in their excitement.

We ended up getting up anyway, showering, and heading for Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen Express for beignets and chicory coffee. They made their first appearance in our May trip report, but we skipped it in September because every morning it was foggy and noshing al fresco in the fog didn’t appeal to us then. But this morning, it was sunny but cold so we bundled up and went to breakfast. Yum! Yum! This is a favorite way to spend a Disneyland morning. This has become our new breakfast tradition instead of the usual breakfast on Main Street.

We noticed how quiet and peaceful Downtown Disney was, which surprised us because yesterday it had been so busy all day and night long. It pays to get up early. Early mornings at Downtown Disney at WDW were a favorite pastime. Grab some breakfast at Earl of Sandwich and have your choice of waterside dining over by the boat rentals.

We moved on toward the bag check (this is when the CM assured us they would be searching coats, too), and keeping warm wearing our new Disneyland sweatshirts, we stopped to video the entrance (we’ll post a link to our blog when we upload the videos). Then we moved down Main Street, capturing the decorations and the castle. I must say this is the best this castle has ever looked. We had become so used to the grand Cinderella Castle at WDW, so it was a bit jarring when we returned and noticed how short and frumpy the Sleeping Beauty Castle is.

But speaking of which, we got to tour the newly-refurbished passageways of Sleeping Beauty Castle. And oh, boy! What they did to it was just wonderful! What a great opportunity for them to update it with new technology. You’ll have to take a peek on your next trip.

Our next stop was “It’s A Small World” and this was the first time we had experienced the holiday version, complete with rehab. The new boats do bob and bounce along but they’re so much more comfortable than the last ones we rode at WDW. Those were so low to the ground my back hurt getting in and out. But these new boats were much more comfortable. Again, like we said about Holiday Haunted Mansion, we couldn’t believe how huge the transformation was for the holiday version. We can only imagine the amount of work and time it takes to do this.

After IASW, we hopped on the train and rode it to Main Street Station, enjoying the Grand Canyon along the way. We hadn’t ridden this train in years and it’s one of our favorites. But we also captured this on video and being new to video, we noticed the train ride worked out best because the train was moving and you just had to sit there and hold the camera still and the video came out the best.

The morning had been quiet, but as we were leaving we could see the crowds forming and knew it would become uncomfortable quite soon. It was time to move on to DCA and capture some of it on video.

Next: Toy Story–will the wait be worth it?

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