Disneyland: Our First Christmas Back, Day 3 Part 1

Monday, December 29, Day 3 Part 1

Beach Day

After last night’s indulgence, we felt lazy this morning and thought we’d order room service breakfast. Reminder to self: do not under any circumstances order room service at Disney resorts. We continue to mistake Disney resort room service for Las Vegas resort hotel room service – it’s worlds apart. To summarize this experience – the pancakes were cold, dry (not enough syrup), and they delivered a pot of hot chocolate instead of coffee. But the Disneyland hotel service staff made it right by delivering a fresh pot of coffee and removing the entire breakfast charge from our room account – thank you Disney.

I mean after 4 glasses of wine the night before, we definitely needed our coffee. BTW, there is free coffee served in the DL Hotel lobby between 6:30 and 9:30 or 10:00 (don’t remember the exact hours).

Today was beach day – gotta see the water – so we drove down Harbor Blvd. past my childhood house and out to Corona del Mar. I thought about this beach every time we went to Sand Key when we lived in Tampa Bay, Florida.

Corona del Mar

After walking on the beach and the boat jetty, shooting 360 degree videos (to be posted on our blog), we decided on some lunch at Fuji Grill located on the beach. Rich had a steak and chicken combo bento box and I had to have a cheeseburger while on the beach.

Fuji Grill

After another walk on the beach, we got in the car and drove south on Highway 1 through Laguna Beach and turned around at Dana Point and headed back to Disneyland Hotel. It was a gorgeous day – the temps were warming each day – and it had been a perfect day at the beach. But soon we were feeling an urge to get back to Disney for a nap and a rest before our final night at Disney, which we decided to spend at DCA to see how it looks all decorated for Christmas at night.

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