Disneyland: Our First Christmas Back: Day 3 Part 2

Sunday, December 28, Day 3: Part 2

Our Last Night

After the required Disney afternoon nap (we were definitely quite tired by now), we headed to DCA via the Grand Californian. So enjoying the whole Napa Rose experience the night before, we forgot to ask for a menu. So we stopped by and asked if we could at least write down the vintner’s menu. Well, the CM at the desk just gave us the entire menu (they do have to update it every week), and we were so happy to get it – no way could we remember the details.

I’m not sure we mentioned the Christmas carolers at the Grand Californian. Anyway, this is the second time we entered DCA through the GC and the second time we stopped to listen to the carolers. While the Christmas decorations at the GC were low-key, the carolers were a nice touch of the holiday spirit. And I don’t know how many times we stopped in at the gift shop of the GC (love that store!), and took a brief rest by the fireplace.

Anyway, we entered DCA through the GC (open to any DL resort guest) – we showed them our resort key and AP and we were in. Mr. CM from Brooklyn greeted us warmly, as he always does. Now that I think about it, he’s one of the few CMs at DL we noticed from out-of-state. Most are locals, unlike the CMS at WDW – many move down just to work at Disney World – just another dynamic that’s different.

So here we were our last day at DCA and we realized we had a Napa Rose menu to carry around. What to do? Go shopping, of course, and get a bag.

We browsed a few stores, but didn’t see anything we wanted. So we headed down to the Tower of Terror gift shop to get the ToT picture frame for our pic of the 2 of us in the elevator alone – remember that? Anyway, the CM asked if we were there to pick up our picture and then we told her the story of a previous trip riding in the elevator all alone and how we wanted to get the matching picture frame. She was wowed by the fact that we rode an elevator by ourselves. She was a lot of fun, and we enjoyed chatting with her.

And while we didn’t ride ToT this trip, we noted that it seems especially fun and exciting to ride this at night, so we’re definitely putting this on our “must do” list for next time. This ride during the day doesn’t really call me because it’s where the Hollywood section ends abruptly and feels rather isolated and lonely in the morning (wonder if the “Cars” section will branch off of this area?). But at night, there’s a lot of excitement and it’s dark and we definitely have to give it a try then.

So when we got home, we put our ToT pic in the frame, but as you may or may not be able to see, Rich is hidden behind Goofy’s hat. Still, we’re glad we have it.

By this time we were hungry so we circled around Paradise Pier to Pizza Ooom Mow Mow and each got a Sausage pizza. Yum! Yum! The crust is so crusty and yummy! Afterwards, we wandered past Toy Story to check out the wait but it was packed! Next time we’ll ride it more than once.

Naturally, we had to stroll past Grizzly River Run on our way out through the GC. And then on to Downtown Disney, where we stopped for some candy at Marceline’s Confectionery – some to have in our room and some to take home.

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