The Grand Poohbah Trip: Food and Wine Festival, Day 2 Part 1

Saturday, May 2: Day 2, Part 1

After last night’s dinner, we arrived back at our room around 10:30 p.m. We sat out on the balcony for a bit, watching the CMs do a bit of cleanup after the park was closed.

It was a bit difficult to get going this morning. Breakfast at a place where we could sit down sounded appetizing, so we wandered over to La Brea Bakery Cafe. I don’t know about your local grocery stores, but ours have La Brea bread in the bakery section and we’re so thrilled because their bread is awesome!! And we can never resist breakfast here, although before we just did the quick serve and sat at a table on the patio outside. This time we chose to try the sit down restaurant, also with outdoor seating.

Rich ordered Steak and Eggs – one of the specials of the day – with his choice of La Brea Bread – sour dough – and potatoes.

I ordered the Quiche Lorraine – Smoked ham, apple wood smoked bacon and Gruyere cheese – and my choice of amazing La Brea bread was the whole wheat.

We appreciated a nice hearty breakfast this morning after all of that wine last night. Because one thing we didn’t mention was that our table mate kept charming the server into extra pours of wine, which he so generously shared with us. We were one of the last people to greet Kate so we kept drinking the free-flowing wine while we waited our turn. We also forgot to mention the charming wine rep, Kathy, who we would meet again at tonight’s event.

By the time we finished breakfast, we got in line for rope drop at DCA. We headed directly to Toy Story and were pleased that the line wasn’t nearly as long as it had been at Christmas. We love this ride, and while I’ve done well at Buzz Lightyear, I can’t seem to get a good score for Toy Story – Rich gets a much higher score, although I do well with accuracy. I take comfort that accuracy is what really counts. 🙂

After Toy Story, we just didn’t have any energy for anything else, so we wandered around a bit before heading for Downtown Disney and shopped at World of Disney (I got a nightie) and Basin, where we loaded up on our favorite body cream. This time they had a new product line that was even creamier and we got two jars of the Lemon Grass. Finally, we found a body lotion that combats the extreme dryness of Las Vegas – it’s absolutely amazing!

The day is rather hazy in our memory, but I think we hung out in our room for awhile, sat out on the balcony and watched people in the park, twittered a bit, checked Bob & Larry’s twitter updates. Then we changed into our swimsuits and headed down to the pool. We also popped into White Water Snacks – the quick-service restaurant by the pool. We shared a French dip, and then hung out by the pool, mostly enjoying the hot tub because the day was still overcast.

We took it easy the rest of the day in preparation for the next wine event.

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