The Grand Poohbah Trip: Food and Wine Festival, Day 3 Part 1, The Beach

Day 3: The Beach

I almost forgot we went to the beach after the Sweet Sunday event. Being beach lovers now living in Las Vegas, well, we have to find time to get to the beach on our Disneyland trips. This time we chose to go to Huntington Beach – one of my childhood beaches that I introduced to Rich. He said it was the beach most like his childhood beaches on the Jersey Shore.

We had a fabulous time and had to ask ourselves, “Is there some way we can move back to Southern California?” I don’t think so, but it’s killer not being close to the beach – especially after living in Florida and California. We walked up and down the beach, and had lunch at Duke’s – wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. Rich had the beer-battered fish tacos, and I had the grilled fish tacos – delish! Rich also had to memorialize the event with a Duke’s T-shirt.

It was difficult leaving the beach – in fact I’m listening to beach boy music as I write this – but we made our way back to the Grand Californian – not a bad place to be – can we live here?

Once back at the GC, we decided to swim in the pool. BTW, the first two days, the weather was cool and cloudy. But this day was a beautiful day for the beach and the pool at the GC. We were thinking that once constructions on the new rooms is finished, we’ll come back to the GC and get a room with a pool view – great access to the pool.

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