Final Stroll for Food and Wine

The Final Stroll for Food & Wine

Our favorite thing at the Epcot F&W Festival is to stroll the individual booths and select snack-sized items and discover a new wine or beer to go with. For whatever the reason – no room for booths or the fire department or health department says no to that – we’ve heard several reasons – DCA doesn’t have those. Instead, there are special food items offered at several counter service restaurants throughout the park. And that’s why we decided to book those special events instead of focusing on the specialty foods and wine passports.

But we did sample a couple. Boudin Bakery in the Pacific Wharf area had a yummy white cheddar cheese soup in a bread bowl, which we had for lunch this day, and on a previous day, we tried the chicken tamales at Cocina Cucamonga – both amazingly delicious. But the lines were long and it was a full-sized serving and not snack-sized. And there was no wine or beer served with it – you had to track that down separately. Now, that didn’t bother us because we’d had plenty of wine this weekend. To read more about the other events – including wine walkabouts – check out Laura’s Allears Blog.

We wandered around, checked out the offerings, and did a little shopping at the Festival Center Booth, World of Disney, Greetings from California, Rushin’ River Outfitters, and the GC gift shop. Then, we called it a day. Our focus this trip was on the Grand Californian and the Food & Wine Festival and we felt satisfied.

But our trip would not be complete without a stop at the Golden Vine Winery patio and there we enjoyed a final glass of wine, soaking up the atmosphere and people-watching – probably our favorite spot in all of Disneyland Resort. Who knew we would come to love DCA so much?

Next: One more dip in the pool.

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