Beach, Baseball, and Disneyland Pre-Trip Report

After staying at the Grand Californian with a park view during the Food & Wine Festival last month, we decided two things when we returned home: (1) we hadn’t had enough park time, and (2) we may not be able to enjoy the Disneyland Hotel after staying at the GC.

Because we had just been at the Grand Californian, we did book the Disneyland Hotel. True, the rate was less than what we would pay at the GC, so we would be saving money on this impromptu trip. But when we discovered lower AP rates online than what we had booked, we called about getting the lower rate. Apparently, we were about a day too late because none of those rates were available – we were stuck with paying twice the price.

We were already worried about our stay since the Disneyland Hotel seemed like slumming it after the Grand Californian. We had been happy enough before, but now we weren’t as satisfied. So when we couldn’t get the lower rate, we made a decision to stay at the Anaheim  Hilton – across the street from DCA.

When we were relaxing on our park view balcony at the GC, we noticed how close the Hilton, facing the opposite side of DCA, looked and thought they must have a pretty nice park view themselves for a lot less money. So, we cancelled the Disneyland Hotel ressie and booked the Hilton and got a “Disney” view. Before we moved to Florida, we would go to Disneyland from the San Francisco area and often stayed at nearby hotels, including the Hilton. This would be the first time at the Hilton since DCA was built, though.

Another reason we’re willing to cut the Disney onsite hotel umbilical cord is that we want to test out what it’s like to live in Orange County again. I grew up there and since then have lived in San Francisco, Oregon, Florida, and Las Vegas. Plus, we’re also going to see an Angels game and want to spend time at the beach, so we figured it was time to act like locals so we could more effectively compare being a Disneyland local versus a Disney World local – instead of comparing being a WDW local to a Disneyland onsite guest. Depending on economic and opportunity factors, this could be the deciding year: live near Disneyland again or live near Disney World again. If neither of those plans work, well, then, we’ll just have to stay right here in Las Vegas and visit both. 🙂

And then the final reason we decided it would be a good idea to cancel the Disneyland Hotel is the news of its rehab – sorely needed – and we’ll look forward to staying there again once it’s finished. This is just what this hotel needs. Maybe then they’ll bulldoze Paradise Pier and build a Boardwalk/Yacht & Beach Club-type hotel and area like at Walt Disney World. Now that would be awesome.

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