Disneyland’s HPG, Day 1 Part 2

Thought we may as well finish up the day. There really isn’t much to report. We were so comfortable in our Hilton room and so tired from the trip, from non-stop working etc. that we stayed in and ordered room service. Besides, we figured we had only one try at the Parking Garage in us and we’d be so done for the whole trip. Little did we know then how true that was.

We called the Disney desk and asked about the hours for Sunday morning. We were told it was early entry or magic morning or whatever they call it at Disneyland. We told ourselves we’d start off as early as we could and go to Disneyland first thing the next morning.

We ordered Kobe beef sliders and a BLTA (A for avocado) sandwich to share and 2 glasses of wine. Room service was there lickity split – in 10 minutes. Just like Vegas, they wheeled in a room service cart complete with warming oven, white table cloth, a single rose in a vase, 2 plates covered with food, 2 glasses of Merlot wine (don’t remember the vineyard but it was a bit too fruity for our taste), 2 glasses of ice water with lemon, and 4 chocolates.

We loved,loved,loved this room and enjoyed the food and wine and fireworks – felt like we were at the park without being in the park. We watched game 1 of the Angels vs. Dodgers freeway series where the Weaver brothers faced off – Jared Weaver pitching for the Angels and Jeff Weaver pitching for the Dodgers. Too bad Jared lost to his brother Jeff. Oh, what a night! We were looking forward to game 2 the next night when we would be in attendance.

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