Yo Ho Yo Ho A Pirate’s Life for Me – Day 3 Part 1 cont’d

So the first thing we did when we entered Disneyland Park was head for Pirates – our favorite ride – it’s one we ride on every visit. But we must say, after living near WDW and going there so frequently, we are disappointed with Disneyland and its lack of water in 2 strategic places. Ironically, we now miss the water approach to the MK (used to love to arrive by ferry, although we resisted that idea at first) and we miss the large body of water as you turn off into Adventureland. It’s just not quite the same. Sigh.

But POTC at Disneyland makes up for all of that. We were there early enough in the morning that we could just walk on the ride. We love the double drops, we love the longer ride time, and we love the Blue Bayou being in the ride – even when we don’t eat there. Thankfully, there wasn’t a line for Pirates because we prefer the queue at WDW – very well-themed.

After Pirates, I started looking for a kitchen shop that used to be in the courtyard but it wasn’t anywhere to be found. I had hoped to buy some little kitchen wine decorations but no such luck. So we moved on to the Haunted Mansion. By now, it was a beautiful, typical summer morning in Anaheim, and it always feels so fabulous standing in line at HM. The line was short, and the ride was fun, as usual.

We then headed for Splash Mountain, right around the corner. We hadn’t ridden the Disneyland version of SM in years.

We got so confused about where the standby line was, where to get a Fast Pass, and didn’t we remember these big, long bank of restrooms on the other side of SM? We then realized we were remembering SM at WDW. How could we get so confused about our home theme park?  We stumbled onto the standby line so we just got in it.

While in line, one dad and his daughter were passing us by in the FP line and the little girl asked, “Is this like Pirates?” The dad said, “No, it’s like Small World” and then grinned at all of us observing the little lie he was telling his daughter so she wouldn’t be too scared to ride it.

We were assigned the back of the log (sitting front-to-back – not side-by-side like at WDW) and Rich was such a gentleman to let me have the very back because it provided comfy, cushy back support. So I had a great time – I didn’t even mind the drop. For Rich, it was okay but he said it was a bit uncomfortable. The ride was how we remembered it, though, in that it seems to zip-a-dee-do-dah a little more quickly past the characters and you don’t quite get the same feeling of being part of a show the way you do at WDW.

We only got drenched a little bit – at least just on our left side – and I was mostly worried about my cell phone being in my left pocket – of course.

But all was well and we headed for the Pooh Ride (it replaced the Country Bears). The Pooh ride is more fun here than at WDW because it goes outside for part of the ride – similar to Alice in Wonderland – another attraction that WDW does not have.

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