Halloween at the Grand Californian Day 3 Part 1

We woke up really tired and, I must admit, I was feeling rather cranky and I couldn’t shake it. One aggravation led to another, and we were both a bit annoyed with the GC. But we achieved resolution by mid-afternoon, leading to a wonderful evening.

To begin the day, we decided to order room service breakfast again – after yesterday’s success. But it was a bad sign when the phone rang and rang and nobody answered. So we hung up, and thought we’d try White Water Snacks for breakfast – especially since we had seen a picture of a yummy-looking biscuit thing from Deb of Allears’ visit to the GC.

Breakfast was just as good as it looked and quite filling. We ate most of it, and then headed for Disneyland Park. We were anxious to take some pictures of the Halloween decorations during the day and to ride Haunted Mansion – Holiday version. BTW, we rode this for the first time last year and loved it even more this year. Too bad WDW doesn’t have this – it’s just so darn much fun!



After riding the Haunted Mansion, our next scheduled stop was Peter Pan – our two musts for today. Then we wandered back toward Main Street, via the Ariel area and ran into my CM step cousin once removed (grin), hugged and chatted for a few minutes. We then found our way to Main Street where we peeked into the Emporium but didn’t find anything that World of Disney didn’t have. With WoD just around the corner, we find we don’t shop at the Emporium as we once did since we get an AP discount at WoD.

We had tickets for the baseball game that night and we were hoping to relax the rest of the afternoon – by the pool and in the room. We did have a quick lunch out by the pool (shared a tuna sandwich and a bag of chips), but to make a long story short, relaxation was not meant to be today due to maintenance going on at the pool and in our wing of the resort. Eventually, we (and our neighbors) were moved to rooms where they were not ripping up the carpet. For us, it was a park view room just off the elevator – the best room we’d ever had at the GC. Woo hoo!

But by this time we were even more exhausted, so we skipped the baseball game even though we had already paid for our tickets, but, instead, had an amazing night at the Napa Rose Lounge and outdoor fire pit. Details in the next installment.

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4 thoughts on “Halloween at the Grand Californian Day 3 Part 1

  1. LaffinPlace says:

    Great pics! Glad to hear that the GC room situation has been resolved to your satisfaction. Breakfast looked delicious! And I have already had mine!


  2. Kathy says:

    Thank you for stopping by and commenting. We both appreciate it.


  3. Larry says:

    It’s a pleasure!

    I have been and continue to be very jealous of the Halloween overlay at the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland. I really wish there was something like this at WDW.


  4. Kathy says:

    We were talking about that and thinking that WDW doesn’t have to do that to the attractions to bring in the crowds during that time of year but Disneyland does. Still, we can only hope. 🙂


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