Halloween at the Grand Californian Day 4 Part 2

We had a 3 p.m. appointment at Mandara Spa for the “Foot Ritual,” complete with pedicure and, while it felt wonderful, it wasn’t the best we’ve ever had. No champagne, no strawberries, just tea or water. πŸ™‚

The facilities are quite small, and we wouldn’t use them again. Instead of sitting side-by-side, which is the whole point for us, to have a treatment that we can enjoy together, we were sitting across from one another, pretty much preventing us from talking to one another. Instead, the technicians did all the talking. Still, it was great to have our feet pampered – and they looked really good, too. πŸ™‚

After our pedicures, we wandered back to the room to chat out on the balcony and have more of our Rice Krispies Treats while we people-watched in the park and made plans for dinner. While we were tempted to return to the Napa Rose Lounge, we decided we’d try Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen. Upon arriving, we were seated at a table outside and the waitress gave us her recommendations, which I followed. Being allergic to shellfish, Rich has to be more selective. We had:


Kathy: Barbecue Gulf Shrimp – “New Orleans” barbecue sauce, French bread croutons

Rich: Gumbo Ya-Ya – Chicken and andouille, smothered in dark roux and Creole seasonings, served with rice.

I loved,loved,loved the Barbecue Gulf Shrimp and Rich loved,loved,loved the Gumbo Ya-Ya. What more can we say except bring it on again. πŸ™‚


Rich: Grilled New York Strip – Creole spices, mushroom bread pudding, green beans, horseradish-port wine demiglace

Kathy: Blackened Salmon & Blue Crab Almandine – with popcorn rice pilaf, green beans, toasted almond-lemon butter sauce

I’ve recently discovered Blue Crab and love it. But when I tasted Rich’s steak and that mushroom bread pudding, my salmon paled in comparison. The steak was delicious and I could have eaten a whole plateful of that mushroom bread pudding. Rich enjoyed it, too. πŸ™‚


Rich: Ravenswood Zinfandel

Kathy: Greg Norman Pinot Noir


We skipped dessert, as we often do when we have a starter.

We then went back to the room, packed, and got ready to check out the next morning. We were so tired, and this trip was a night longer than we usually stay. We were anxious to get home.

The next morning we ordered the same American breakfast from room service, and it was okay – the potatoes seemed a bit spicy for breakfast and they keep ordering the piece of broccoli with the breakfast, which we could definitely live without. But it was nice having a choice of pastry instead of toast, and both times we shared one breakfast and a full pot of coffee.

Final Thoughts: We’ve come to love DCA and the GC gives you such great access to it. We’ve also learned that, for us, we must have the park view since part of our fun is sitting on the balcony and watching the park activity. But on both stays, we noticed how tight the area around the GC feels. Disneyland does not have the expansiveness of WDW, obviously, and we do notice that. On our next stay, we may book the Disneyland Hotel, again, just for the space, but who knows? When it comes right down to it, we do love the GC.

We had a fabulous vintner’s dinner at Napa Rose last year, but we enjoyed the Napa Rose Lounge just as much – if not more because of the more pesonalized service. The outdoor patio and firepit was a great discovery. We also really love the vibe of Downtown Disney and the musicians who play there – we discovered a new one on this trip, David Wayne, and enjoyed playing his CDs last night sitting outside on our patio with firepit. It was like bringing a bit of Downtown Disney with us back home.

We were so happy to catch all of the DCA attractions, snacks stops, and restaurants we had missed before. We didn’t get to revisit a few of our favorite things, but having made 6 trips to Disneyland over the past 16 months, we really feel like we’re all caught up. We don’t know what’s next for us, but we’re ready for something different.

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3 thoughts on “Halloween at the Grand Californian Day 4 Part 2

  1. LaffinPlace says:

    Wow! What a fabulous meal. I would have taken either of yall’s entrees or main courses.

    Thanks for your thoughts on the GC and Napa Rose. It will probably be very interesting to you when the Disneyland Hotel refurb is complete.

    Now I want a park view room at GC AND dinner at Napa Rose!


  2. Joan says:

    Mushroom bread pudding sounds wonderful. I wonder if that recipe is posted anywhere.


  3. Kathy says:

    You can’t go wrong at Napa Rose, Larry. πŸ™‚

    Joan, ooooo, if you find it, please let me know. This would make a great holiday substitute for the dressing – so yummy!


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