WDW: Day 2

Test Track was our first stop and we love,love,love this ride and are so hoping that Cars at DCA will be similar to it. What a thrill – I love speed. 🙂

We were enjoying the warm, humid morning – I was even wearing a sleeveless top with my short denim capris-type pants – the air smelled fresh and sweet – unlike the dry desert air – very nice for a change.

Reminiscing about the time we rented an Orlando pool home and rode Test Track with family for the first time, we were standing in our row and Rich was snapping pics of cars. And just as the family in front of us stepped into their car and Rich got ready to snap their picture, aiming for their feet to protect strangers from being posted online, Rich realized it was our California/Colorado friends – the ones we planned on meeting at Animal Kingdom later in the day. What a hoot! Naturally, they waited for us at the end of the ride and we hung around with them for a bit before parting before meeting up again. lol! And that was definitely a highlight of the trip!

One of the rides we rode together was Nemo – a fave at Disneyland in the old submarines. We were curious what it would be like at WDW and it turned out pretty much as we suspected – it was nice to have your own clam but it wasn’t nearly the experience as in the sub where you felt like you were underwater, swimming with Nemo in the movie. The subs are quite cramped for adults but well worth it.

We also enjoyed riding the new version of Spaceship Earth – loved the new ending – fun!

On our way back to the Villa, we enjoyed another favorite – Boulangerie Patisserie in France – for Rich’s favorite lemon tart and my cream puff. We took them back to the villa and saved them for a snack – loved this part about the Villas.

Dinner with our friends at Rainforest at Animal Kingdom was definitely a highlight. Their son was celebrating his 10th birthday – the last time we saw him he was celebrating his 5th birthday at WDW – and he is such a great kid and a lot of fun to be with. We’re hoping we can lure them back to Disneyland next time.


By the time we got back to the Villa after Future World, it started to rain so we took a nap. But when we awoke, it was still raining so we arranged to meet our friends for dinner instead of joining them to ride Everest – we still haven’t ridden it. When the ride was first new, Rich’s back went out – usually my trick. On this trip, his back was hurting again – for only the second time. It seems every time we try to ride Everest, his back goes out. Our friend, Jeff, also a California native, tells us he prefers the Matterhorn, which is how I’m sure I feel about it, too. Don’t like rides that stop at the top and then go backwards – anticlimactic.

The other lowlight was mentioning the weather on Facebook. It seems to be a volatile subject. While we were enjoying a pleasantly balmy day, somebody in northern Florida was experiencing colder weather and took umbrage at our experience. Well, two things to consider here:

  1. Temps in Florida vary by location – South Florida is not Central Florida is not North Florida. In fact, Floridians joke that Jacksonville is really in Georgia. lol!
  2. Where you come from determines what the temp feels like to you. The colder your home is, the warmer you think it is in Florida. And if you do become a Floridian, you will find it is true that, for example, in Tampa we used to joke that when it gets below 70, we put our jeans on. But Canadians will be swimming in the pools when it’s only 60. 🙂

The fact is, the next day we felt the ensuing cold that results from a storm, followed by rain,rain,rain and the highlights began to dwindle. Yes, it’s my vacation and I want the sun to shine. 🙂

Lessons Learned

Riding Test Track and other attractions made us feel more like out-of-town guests like when we used to drive in from Tampa and that felt so much better! We would continue to focus on those experiences.

Don’t go to WDW in winter if you really want pool weather.

You can create groups on Facebook for special status updates. So be careful who you include on your Facebook posts when on vacation. You don’t want somebody you don’t even know to cast a shadow by making a thoughtless remark. Likewise, when commenting on somebody’s FB status, be aware when they’re on vacation. Play nice! 🙂

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