WDW: Day 4

Highlights – The Magic Kingdom

We took the bus to the MK and were happy we did because we were delivered right to the Magic Kingdom – we had forgotten that’s how it worked. The weather was a bit cloudy but warmer than the day before. Our first impression of Main Street after experiencing the Disneyland Main Street for the past couple of years was that everything seemed tinged with yellow/green. That color really stood out to us – as odd. lol! But the Castle at Disney World is far grander – we still can’t get used to the squatty castle at Disneyland. But the main icon there is really the Matterhorn.

We stopped at the Main Street Bakery where we each got a coffee and a chocolate croissant. Can’t tell you how thrown we’ve been at Disneyland with the Main Street Bakery being on the left side of Main Street instead of the right side – lol!

We then went to Adventureland to Pirates of the Caribbean – we love the queue and were looking forward to walking through it again. After Pirates, we rode Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and loved how our backs didn’t hurt because there seats have cushions so you’re not thrown into your partner’s lap quite as much – fun other under circumstances but a bit jarring on BTMR. 🙂

Next up was the Haunted Mansion and we noticed the differences such as the zillions of stair cases – really enjoyed those! Hall of Presidents was a must-see with the addition of President Obama. Wow – we really, really loved this especially this time. In fact, we purchased 2 books – one about the Presidents and the other about the First Ladies. We’re both big American History fans and this was a true highlight of the MK this trip.

We popped into Mickey’s Philarmagic, and afterwards, we were getting hungry. We thought about backtracking to the Columbia Harbour House, but it was raining – no pouring – by this time so we scooted across the way to Pinocchio’s Village Haus – a tradition of ours, it seems, especially when it’s raining. We each had a meatball sandwich, new on the menu and really delicious!

With our ponchos on, we trekked over to Tomorrowland and rode the TTA (Tomorrowland Transit Authority) – another must – and for our last memorable attraction, we rode Carousel of Progress – woo hoo! Great way to end the day at the Magic Kingdom.

We did everything we set out to do and bussed back to the resort to nap, wait out the rain, and when it didn’t happen, we got a pizza, a bottle of wine, packed up our stuff, and relaxed in our Villa for our last night of the trip.


We were disappointed when we first saw Adventureland at DL again because the water found at WDW was missing. We were excited to experience that again at WDW, but the walkway shortcut was closed off so it wasn’t exactly what we had hoped. And POTC was even lamer than we’d remembered – not only just 1 drop but a lame drop at that, no restaurant, and shorter, less-filled scenes. Boring!

And it seems that every time we exit Mickey’s Philharmagic, it’s raining – not raining but pouring – so much so we had to purchase 2 ponchos and the prices have gone up since last time. 🙂

The other lowlight was that the next morning we had an early flight – 8 a.m. – and would get up at 5 a.m., the flight would be even longer going west (4-1/2 hours) and sitting there almost drove us crazy. lol! It may be a while before we fly again – for that long of a flight. At least Hawaiian Airlines provided much more comfortable service to Hawaii.

Lessons Learned

Our last night was reminiscent of our last night back in ’99 when it rained so hard, we went back to our Yacht Club room and ordered room service but the kitchen was out so we had cold sandwiches. The Villa was the answer to that – when it rains and you feel stuck inside, it’s wonderful to have the extra room, and to make your own meals. We’re spoiled now and it would be difficult not to stay in a Villa. We’d love to book one of those some time at the Grand Californian but with such a short supply, not sure we could ever get such a fabulous rate we got at WDW – especially in January. While the weather wasn’t as good as we’d hoped, we saved a bundle on the room rate and the crowds were low – a nice trade-off.

It’s true what Dorothy said, “There’s no place like home.” And Disneyland will always be our home park and with the new additions such as DCA, Downtown Disney, and the Grand Californian, home is a fabulous place to be.

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