Food and Wine Festival West: Day 1 Part 2

The other night we celebrated posting the first day of our report on our two4disney blog by sipping a glass of our favorite Stone Cellars Chardonnay (discovered at WDW’s Saratoga Springs Artist’s Palette) in our 2010 Food & Wine Festival wine glasses sitting on top of our special F&W glass-etched coasters (coasters available to AP holders only). Woo hoo!

I had the nagging feeling that I had left out a bunch of stuff in yesterday’s report, and Rich (thank you, sweetie!) reminded me of the following:

After the nosh at the Festival Showplace, we did the California wine walkabout in the Taste of California Marketplace. For $10 you are given a passport and an opportunity for 4 tastings. We had to laugh because they were “out” of the California passports and we were given one for Italy – on the first day? lol! We were approached by the usual schmoozers while standing in line and one local said, “I didn’t like the Italian wine – I like our wine better.” Okkkkay… People like that give us Californians a bad name (grin).

But we must admit, after tasting the Italian wine the next day, we agree – maybe Italian wine goes better with food. Anyway, because we didn’t have the CA passport, I can’t remember which wines we had but they were really quite good. I think we’ll repeat this event next month and, hopefully, get a real CA passport.

Last year the walkabouts and food tastings weren’t as visible as this year because the usual locale was undergoing remodeling. This year, there was more remodeling going on in the Golden Vine area and we so missed that venue. The problem with this year is that the Festival Showplace where the food samples are located is far from the wine walkabouts. One woman brought her cheese plate with her to the wine booths – not a bad idea because all of this drinking makes you hungry – wait until I tell you about the beer tastings – lol!

Anyway, after this walkabout, we walked back to the Showplace to purchase some F&W Festival items, such as the wine glasses and the coasters. There was some gorgeous artwork for sale that we’d love to have, but we’re not sure about purchasing it this year. But this is when we went back to the resort for a swim in the pool.

After all of this walking and tasting and swimming, we were hungry again so we entered DCA through the special GC gate (love this), said hi to the friendly week day CM there – Chappy from Brooklyn – and walked back to the Pacific Wharf area to check out some menus for some of the special Festival items not usually on the menu. The item that got our attention was Cucina Cucamonga and the Anaheim Chile Relleno with local Anaheim chiles. We shared it and it was scrumptious!

Then we walked over to Disneyland to stroll around Main Street and to pick up some atmosphere and music in Downtown Disney. The ability to stroll between parks is awesome and one of the special things about Disneyland – it may be smaller but there’s an intimate, almost family communal feeling about it.

As usual, a busy travel day – we always pack a lot in – no wonder I forgot half of it. 🙂

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One thought on “Food and Wine Festival West: Day 1 Part 2

  1. Larry says:

    I am really sorry I read this before eating supper! Though I may just pour some wine! The wine tasting sounds like fun. I have had some Italian wines that were okay without food, but I did like the idea of bringing a cheese plate along.

    I once had a wine distributor compliment people who live in Maryland (where I was living at the time). He said that unlike some people he had run across in California, people in MD were very willing to try all kinds of wine, and wines from many different countries were readily available there. I have seen things improve in Alabama, but the selection is nothing like what it was in DC and Maryland. I am happy to report that the AL legislature just passed a bill raising the maximum alcohol percentage in wine so that it will actually be possible to get some of the stronger wines and ports here now. I'll have to hook up the horse and buggy and ride over to buy some…. 😉


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