F&W Festival West Day 2 Part 2

Okay, so now I’ve even lost my notes so I’ll really have to wing it – lol!

But at some point we decided to try the beer tastings. What we love about beer today is the variety – the microbrew phenomenon of the 90s has burst into regular breweries coming up with tasty and different beers, such as Coors’ Blue Moon and Michelob’s Shock Top – both citrusy and refreshing.

Another favorite was the Hana Brewing Company’s Walua Wheat Ale with tropical passion fruit. This is difficult to find, although we were told there was a store that carried it in nearby Tustin – not going to help us here in Las Vegas unless we make a stop on our next Disneyland trip. Oh darn! 🙂

Jimmy Buffett’s Land Shark was tasty, too, although we prefer the other 3 because they’re more fruity. I suspect the Land Shark might be a better choice in hot, humid Florida. 🙂 I’m getting mighty thirsty just thinking about these wonderful beers – and I’ve never been much of a beer lover – except for microbrews.

The serving portions were so large – the same 4 pours for $10 deal – I began to get tipsy and knew I’d better eat something halfway through the tastings. We asked if we could leave with our passport and come back in and the CM said we could. A hamburger on a plate walked by just then, and I realized I was starving. So we went to the nearby Taste Pilot’s Grill next to “Soarin'” and the special menu item for the Festival was a pulled pork sandwich so we got one of those and a Wild Bleu Yonder Burger – Basted with tangy steak sauce and topped with bleu cheese crumble. We shared them and they were both delish.

Restored to some semblance of sobriety, we headed back to the beer tasting for the final 2 pours, saving Blue Moon for last because we were familiar with it. Wow – I can’t want to go back and do this again. lol!

After all that, we probably then went back to our room for a nap or a rest before going to Disneyland for the evening. After all, it was Saturday night and we know what that means – “It’s Date Night at Disneyland.” I’ll write about that in a separate post.

In the meantime, it’s almost 5:00 and time for some of that Shock Top we have in the fridge. 🙂

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