Food & Wine with Family and Friends, Day 4

October 2010, 15th Annual Food & Wine Festival, Pool Home with the Eckardt Gang Trip Report

Tuesday, October 19, 2010, Day 4

This day is what Emily would later refer to as “One of my top 5 days.” Wow! High praise, indeed. She’s engaged to be married now so this day may slip a bit from her list. 🙂 But we also think it was totally fabulous! On tap? The food booths at Epcot’s Food & Wine Festival. All four of us are foodies so it was the perfect agenda for the day together.

We had annual passes but Bob and Emily didn’t so Emily bought a 1-day ticket because this would be her last day with us and Bob bought a 2-day ticket because he would go to the Magic Kingdom with us the next day. We arrived before the booths opened so we asked Bob and Emily if they wanted to ride a couple of rides in Future World or head straight to the food booths and Emily opted for the food booths! Love that Emily!

The booths were open early again so our timing was perfect. Rich and I had started the food booths to the left (clockwise) so we decided to go right (counter clockwise), hoping to also lead them to the favorite booths we had discovered.

We were so delighted to see Emily and Bob loving this event as much as we do. Bob was taking pics and video and I so hope he didn’t catch me in any unflattering shots. Yes, I’m a bit shy about what gets captured on film. I don’t think people who know me now realize how shy I am or have been. I was the girl who turned beet red when in uncomfortable situations and the very knowledge I was turning red, made me turn even brighter – how I hated those days and so glad they’re behind me but some shyness remains.

We were having a blast and then some storm clouds started to roll in. Lucky for us, we had just arrived at Rose & Crown so we waited out the storm in the pub. We were also lucky enough to find a table and Rich, after learning that Emily was up for it, ordered Boddingtons all around.

The rain let up and we continued our journey around World Showcase lagoon, stopping to snack, sip, and chat. We had some fabulous discussions about important things in life on one stop. We love this venue but we usually do it as a couple. This was the first time we’d done it with others and we thoroughly enjoyed it. We had hoped to meet up with friends to join us sometime over the course of the week but with family and their family, it just didn’t work out. Maybe in the future…

Because we were with Bob and Emily, we also did some of the Epcot exhibits, such as the film in China. We hadn’t seen that in years, and, in fact, it was a newer film, so we really enjoyed that. It was while waiting for the film that Bob & Emily told us about this being Emily’s last night so they were going to JBs Fish Camp in New Smyrna Beach for dinner and invited us along. But we had plans to have dinner at Jiko with some of our Disney friends. We tried hard to convince Emily to stay one more day, but she had to get back to work. Instead, they worked on us to have dinner with them tonight instead of with our friends. Which we ended up doing.

But it wasn’t without regret that we cancelled dinner with our friends – what a tough spot to be in. But we also knew we’d be seeing them  Thursday night at the Dessert Party and this was Emily’s last night. Sigh! Some choices are just so hard.

After a swim and a nap in the pool home, we piled into Emily’s car and she drove the long trip to New Smyrna Beach. It was about 45 minutes from our home in Sanford, and here we were all the way in Kissimmee. When we were caught in traffic going through downtown Orlando, Bob called mother and she said, “Are you going to the beach? That’s the only time you call me.” lol!

We had a delicious meal at JBs Fish Camp – Bob and Emily shared some big crab and shrimp platter – they shared their shrimp with me, too. (Rich is allergic to shellfish).

I had the Garlic Scallops and Rich had oysters, clams and oyster stew. JBs Fish Camp would be one of our favorite hangouts while living in Sanford.

After our meal, we left the River and drove to the beach. We parked and walked along the beach at 9:00 at night under a full moon, engulfed with warm, sultry air. The night was unforgettable. So much so, I said in the car, “Darn you, Florida!”

Bob wanted to know what that meant and Emily explained it to him. I was determined not to move back to Florida, but Florida was seducing me once again.

This was definitely one of our top days in Florida!

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