Food & Wine with Family and Friends, Day 7

October 2010, 15th Annual Food & Wine Festival, Pool Home with the Eckardt Gang Trip Report

Friday, October 22, 2010, Day 7

We enjoyed a leisurely morning in the pool, said good-bye to Bob who would be heading to Tampa Bay to stay with friends to extend his Florida vacation, and then Rich and I headed back to Epcot for one last time around the food booths. This was our last chance to catch any we’d missed or to return to some favorites.

We’d arranged for a late check-out in the pool home so we were able to not have to cut our time short at Epcot. Eventually, it was time to return home, collect our bags, say good-bye to the pool home, and head for the Orlando airport. Sigh! Even though we’ve moved away from Florida twice now, we will always love that airport. 🙂

luggage1What a sad sight!

We returned the rental car and killed some time at the airport. But before long, we were off and changing planes in Atlanta. The most amazing thing happened on the flight from Atlanta to Las Vegas – the sun set the entire trip – it was absolutely gorgeous! I remember thinking, as I always do, how much the west was my home and seductive or not, Florida would not lure me back.

I think we landed in Las Vegas around nine p.m. or so and it was such a welcome site – slot machines and all the Vegas wackiness. We retrieved our bags and car and drove home. We woke the kitties up – they were blinking their eyes when we opened the garage door and saw all 3 of them gathered around the door. They were such a site for sore eyes.

We texted our pet sitter to let her know we’d made it home and then we crawled into bed – all 5 of us. Unpacking could wait until the next day. It had been the most amazing trip, but it was so good to be home again!

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