Thanksgiving/Christmas Kickoff: Newport Beach

So, the next morning we hopped in the Mustang and drove to the beach via a couple of my childhood homes. Ah, the old homesteads are looking rather shabby these days, but I can still feel what it felt like to live there so many years ago!

House in picture was where I lived from the time I was 7 to 13 – my basketball hoop was in the driveway, tetherball out back, and baseball on the cul-de-sac. The tons of ivy and palm trees that were my step dad’s pride and joy have long disappeared. Before the real estate bust, this house was selling for close to half a million – can you believe that? We paid $16,000 back in the day…

It was a beautiful day at the beach and Newport Beach had some tough competition after bodysurfing at Cocoa Beach just 5 weeks before! This was the first time we’d visited Florida and SoCal that close together. And while we didn’t actually get in the water at Newport Beach, we did stroll along the sand and had an awesome lunch at the pier. And this is the beach and pier where I hung out the most as a kid. Nostalgia counts are huge!

Looking back at the beach from the pier
Surfers were out but waves were small
Tuna sushi and a Land Shark beer for Rich
And amazing baked lobster California roll for Kathy
with a Land Shark beer
We couldn’t help but compare it to Cocoa Beach and, ironically, a little Steel Drum music was playing while we ate our lunch. Still partially full from last night’s Napa Rose meal, I couldn’t finish this incredible lobster roll and Rich is allergic to it so he couldn’t help. But how I wish I had some of that right now. Anyway, we headed back to the Disneyland Resort for a rest and later a glass of wine in the E-Ticket Club and then nighttime Christmas decorations fun at Disneyland Park.

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