The “Will We Move Back to Florida?” Trip Report


Like many Disney fans, moving to Florida was our dream ever since our first trip to Walt Disney World together in 1999. We flew first class from San Francisco, transported to the Yacht Club via a private town car, and fell madly in love with the grounds of Walt Disney World.

Four years later, we were living in Florida; first in Tampa Bay and then that last year, literally just outside the gates behind Cinderella Castle in Windermere; so close the fireworks reverberated throughout our townhome community, startling both us and the cats so much that we would never want to watch fireworks ever again – lol!

Four years after we arrived in Florida, we were missing our home on the west coast – I grew up just 8 miles from Disneyland in Southern California, lived 22 of my adult years in the San Francisco Bay Area, with a few years spread around in the Pacific Northwest; Oregon mostly. Rich spent close to 20 years in the San Francisco Bay Area also. In fact, that’s where we met and married.

We’ve been back west four years now, but, still, Florida was calling us. We had such a special time living there and it was a dream come true. Plus we were able to meet up with friends we had made on the Passporter Boards and Rich’s family on the east coast. But did we want to move back or was that a distant, but fond memory? It took us 3 trips over the past 16 months to make our decision, which we feel confident is final.

We won’t string you along, keep you guessing. The answer is, no, we’re home now and, Lord willing, we plan to stay home, which for us is anywhere in the west. But if you would like to follow along, peek into how we did WDW, which is probably different than most because we used to live there, and see what other Central Florida attractions we love, then, please, pull up a chair, get comfy, and join us for the ride.

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