“Will We Move Back to Florida?” Day Two, Part One

Day Two: Epcot

I’m a bit depressed this week, realizing that Florida is not going to save us from the desert, so I thought I’d continue posting the trip report. Maybe it’ll help me re-evaluate things. 🙂

fg_poolThankfully, we slept well our first night, in spite of the crazy bed situation. Rich made us coffee and we indulged in our Florida tradition – chocolate frosted, cream-fllled Krispy Kremes – woo hoo! I’m not usually big on desserts, but for my last meal, I’d have to choose these Krispy Kremes – lol!

We had a fabulous morning swim and we were so excited to be in our Florida pool home. It reminded us so much of our house in Florida and we felt totally comfortable living here for the week. At this point, in fact, for the first half of the trip, we thought we were moving to Florida.

After our swim, we dressed and drove our rental car under the Welcome sign to Epcot, parked in the lot and knew that since we were in front of the trees, the trams wouldn’t be running and we’d walk to Guest Services to activate our WDW AP renewal. We actually prefer this so this made us happy! Yippee!

After our APs were activated, we walked through the front gate and took pictures of some of the Flower & Garden topiaries. Spaceship Earth looked a bit busy so we made our way to Journey into Imagination to see our friend Figment. We’ve been to WDW so many times, that it’s easy for us to stroll along and see what we feel like doing.


We were enticed to walk through the Butterfly House as part of the Flower & Garden Festival. I must interrupt the progress of this report to tell you how hungry we were to see anything green, let alone beautiful flowers. Oh my goodness! We knew this was reason enough to move back to Florida. When I pictured the brown desert in my mind’s eye, I just knew Florida was the place to be. So what happened? More on that later.

By this time, we wandered through World Showcase, and because we were thirsty, we stopped in at the Rose & Crown Pub. Ooops – it didn’t open until 11:30 and it was only 11:00. Darn! Didn’t they know these desert rats were terribly thirsty in the Florida humidity? lol!

We stopped off at one of the F&G demo booths, and began chatting with this couple whose son not only lives in Las Vegas, but lives in our exact community. They tried to give us some of the same tips they gave to their son about what might grow in the harsh desert. We told them we were moving back to Florida. 🙂

We hadn’t ridden Maelstrom in Norway for some time, so we were definitely drawn to the water ride. We had such fun, and bought a white stuffed bear in the gift shop – it reminded us of our cat, Skipper.

By this time, it was getting close to our ADR at San Angel in Mexico. This is the place we must stop in on the first day, which tells us we’ve arrived at WDW! The first thing we noticed is that they’d rearranged the tables so that nobody really gets a view of the boats floating by – one of the reasons we like this restaurant since it’s the replacement for Blue Bayou inside Pirates at Disneyland. Oh well…

We’d heard there were mixed reviews of this restaurant from one of our WDW friends, but the waiter told us this was a brand-new menu, just a week old. We couldn’t wait to try it. And it was really delicious. Here’s what we had:

Lunch Entrees:

Kathy: Pork w/sauce & veggies (it was the daily Chef’s choice and we didn’t write it down). I thought I was in the mood for beef but when I saw the dish served to the ladies next to me, I knew I had to have it. 🙂

Rich: Tampiquena Con Chilaquiles – Grilled beef tenderloin served with Chilaquiles (layers of fried corn tortilla, green toa chicken enchilada topped with ranchera sauce and esquites)

The food was quite delicious and the service was quite good. The only negative was the strange line-up of tables. The waiter had a difficult time serving us because of that.


I had a classic margarita, and Rich is now hooked on Tequila after our Tequila tasting event last October. He had the 1800 Don Julio Tequila and a side of Sangrita (don’t ask).

We returned to the pool home for a nap and swim, although the pool was so refreshing, I think we actually skipped the nap. We were tired, and if we didn’t have tickets to the Flower Power Tables in Wonderland cocktail party later that night – back at Epcot, we probably would have stayed in.

Day Two, Part Two next.

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