“Will We Move Back to Florida?” Day Two, Part Two

After writing/reading yesterday’s post, Rich and I had quite a conversation about Florida last night. We asked ourselves questions like, “Were we too hasty in our conclusion?”lol!

But this morning, driving through the desert, feeling the warmth of memories surround me like a child’s security blanket, I can’t really say. With a family history of living in southern California and traveling to/fro the desert, including Las Vegas, the pull on me to stay west is strong. Anyway, back to the trip report.

Part Two: Tables in Wonderland

As soon as realized we were going to have to do the parking/walking thing at the heat of the day – 5 p.m. when it topped off at 96 – we regretted booking this event. But we soldiered on. The good news is that the humidity was quite low for Florida – still 96 is hot – with or without humidity. We did our usual parking at the Boardwalk Inn parking lot that opens to the public for after 5 p.m. parking and then walked through the Boardwalk and over to World Showcase, heading for the American Pavilion. We checked in with the CMs but it was too early to be admitted so we sat on a bench in the shade and chatted with a CM.

I’m embarrassed to say that I had become “one of those” people, posting on Facebook, when the CM clearly wanted to chat with me. And because I was in the middle of writing a post, I only gave him half my attention. I regret that because we were having an interesting chat about how much the world has changed recently and talked about the old days when cars didn’t have power steering, etc. He was pretty funny.

Eventually, we were escorted inside, upstairs on the second floor and led into 2 separate rooms where tables and chairs and couches, etc. were set up. We were offered our choice of either the Blue Monkey or the Flower Power Frosty Adult Beverage (FAB). We took one of each and sat down on a loveseat and observed our fellow diners. I swear to you, Jack Lemmon was alive and well and was sitting across from us regaling his table mates with tales of the Bronx – lol.

Waiters approached us with yummy appetizers, and we kidded them now and then. The FABs were so-so – we each got a refill but ended up not drinking the whole thing.

The appetizers we tried were the following:

Meatballs wrapped in plantains
Meatballs done 2 ways
Oregon Bleu Cheese and Nut Lollipops
Deviled Eggs

These were the best deviled eggs I’d ever had. The waiters kept coming around with these same offerings so we ended up leaving before the other 2 were served. But we’d already decided we didn’t need to hang around to hear Davy Jones – we’d heard him before at Epcot and we’d heard him while waiting to be seated for this event. So we were hungry for something more and thought this would be the perfect to get some of those fabulous meatballs at Tangierine Cafe in Morocco. We used to eat these all the time when we lived there and we tasted some on one of our recent trips. But guess what? No longer there. Ack!!!

So disappointed, we moved on to our regular walk around the Boardwalk, looking for ice cream. We stopped in at Beaches & Cream for a No Way Jose, but the wait time was too long. Not drawn to any of the sundaes you can order from the ice cream window, we marched on around to the Boardwalk where we got a scoop of ice cream at SeaShore Sweets, one of our favorite stops.

Back in the pool home, we took an evening swim – ah, so delightful! We could get used to this! After a glass of wine, a bite of sandwich, and a few chips, we went to bed.

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