“Will We Move Back to Florida?” Day Six, Part One

Downtown Disney

Time to wrap up the trip report. Writing this I can see how very little of the parks we did on this trip. lol! We had the trip planned so differently – we’d even created a table listing time carved out for every park, ADRs with the appropriate reservation numbers for meals at Flying Fish and Artist Point, and even planned a Yak Attack. None of that happened. Perhaps because the real focus was on living like we used to, like a local, and we did spurts of Disney activity mixed in with other Central Florida activities.

Plus it was hot and crowded, and when we were locals, we adjusted our activities, depending on these two things – it makes all the difference. And, as it turns out, it seemed that we were doing many things we missed on our October trip, so guess it all works out overall.

So, after our morning coffee and breakfast – by this time we had cereal and grapes in the house – and morning swim, we went to Downtown Disney. Our intent was to stop into Paradise 37 for lunch, and our iPhone app said it was located on the West Side. So, we parked at that end of DD. We walked and walked and saw that it was really in the Pleasure Island area. Checking on allears.net, I see that they’ve listed in as being in Pleasure Island – wish we had known that then – lol!

It wasn’t up for lunch yet and looked more like a fun night-time spot, so we kept walking and found ourselves at Raglan Road. We’d had dinner there years ago so lunch seemed like a good idea. And we did enjoy lunch more – it wasn’t as busy, the service was outstanding, and we enjoyed the atmosphere in the bar with fabulous Irish music.

Appetizer (shared): Dalkey Duo Sausages

Entrees: Rich: Heavenly Ham
Kathy: Fish & Chips

Drinks: Two Hearted IPA beer

The food was delicious and we couldn’t finish the appetizer – needed 2 more people to accomplish that. And had I known the sausages were coated in batter, I wouldn’t have ordered the fish and chips because the texture was too similar. So, Rich and I shared bites, which was much appreciated.

Lunch was fabulous – great atmosphere, food, and all-around fun time together.

We then made our way to World of Disney where we picked up some Mickey coffee (we were out back at the house), a Minnie Mouse key chain, and a Minnie Mouse clutch purse, where I can store my credit cards and house key for short trips and walks around the neighborhood at home.

Back to the pool for our regular afternoon swim and nap. We really loved the dip in the pool and then lounging around afterwards. Heavenly!

Next: Return to the Poly for more Sushi!

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