The Poly Report

Well, yesterday’s Spa outing was not enough Disney fun for us this weekend. So, after soaking up a bit of sun out on the Lanai while Rich filled the pool and grilled some hot dogs, we went to the Poly for sushi for dinner. This is one of our favorite things to do, and we hadn’t been back since we moved here.

We used our Tables in Wonderland to valet at the Poly, and then wandered around the property – first downstairs and then upstairs to the Sushi Bar. It was a good thing for us there were a couple of seats overlooking the monorail station, tiki torches, and lagoon because the lounge area by the O’Hana restaurant has now been turned into the official O’Hana check-in area and is closed off to everybody else. Bummer! We remember enjoying some tropical drinks with some friends there, listening to our favorite Poly singer. Now they have a TV screen.

I had the Tempura Shrimp (delicious – doesn’t taste like sushi at all for those who are adverse to sushi – was liking having fried shrimp and rice) and Rich had Tuna Poke, which looked so delicious – I may have that next time. We also each had a Habanero Margarita, which, as I’ve mentioned before, actually tastes better here than at the Grand Californian (hard for this California girl to admit) – but the tall, narrow glass isolates and intensifies the habanero compared to the short, round glass at the GF (pictured).

The Tuna Poke wasn’t quite enough for Rich so he ordered the Upside Down Pineapple Cake and we shared it – it was delicious!

While we sipped, noshed, and enjoyed each other’s company, we noticed the energy at the resort and we commented on how much fun it was to be able to drop in once again on a moment’s notice and also to be able to meet up with friends. We’re looking forward to doing both in our future.

We then soaked up Hawaiian music while strolling the grounds, noticed the lit-up castle, the Grand Floridian, and that the movie playing on the beach was Nemo. There were a few hearty souls watching it. We were wearing our sweatshirts due to the below normal temps here in Florida, so we didn’t stay out too long. But we did stop in at the gift shops and bought a tube of aromatic body lotion, and then we drove home.

We were actually thinking how nice it would be to live a bit closer to WDW, even though last time we thought we lived too close. But once you’ve lived within view of the Las Vegas Strip, living that close to WDW doesn’t seem so bad. lol!

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