Magic Kingdom for One

I have no problem doing things alone. I’ve done Disneyland by myself many times. I’ve gone to the beach, taken drives through the desert, flown on planes, dined in restaurants, and even lived alone. But I don’t enjoy the Magic Kingdom at Disney World alone. In fact, I’d rather do everything with Rich, but the last time Rich and I did the MK together on vacation, it didn’t feel quite right. I really missed Disneyland. The MK always makes me miss Disneyland. It’s so close, yet so far away. And it’s worse by myself.

Our favorite park at Disney World is Epcot – World Showcase specifically. This park is awesome! We don’t have this at Disneyland and when we lived in California, we really missed Epcot. We were so excited when we moved to Orlando the first time. We remember walking up to the ticket window saying to each other, “This is our home park – woo hoo!” We were thrilled – we’re still thrilled every time we go to Epcot.

I first visited Epcot after it first opened in 1982. If it wasn’t for Epcot, I never would have visited WDW. In fact, the first time I entered the MK at WDW, I said, rather indignantly, “Where’s the Matterhorn?” (No wonder our web site header is of Epcot and the background is the Matterhorn – the best from both worlds.)

Video of the Matterhorn’s Rehab:

When my mother and step dad visited WDW for the first time, they entered the MK and turned right around saying, “This is just like Disneyland.” They hadn’t traveled across the country just to see another Disneyland – they could do that at home. But they did enjoy Epcot and were happy to have made the trip to experience it.

The MK is something we do only about once a year at most, twice. There are some things we like better at the MK than Disneyland: the Castle, Big Thunder Mountain, the spaciousness of the lands, the bakery, the ponds, the People Mover, the Treehouse, and Carousel of Progress. But for a California girl who grew up going to Disneyland while Walt Disney himself roamed the parks, well, Disneyland will always be magical.

Sherry, Mother, and me then and me recently in same place
on Main Street in Disneyland

And the next time I tour WDW on my own, well, it probably won’t be the Magic Kingdom. And neither will it be Soarin’ Over California in Florida (it always makes me cry).

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One thought on “Magic Kingdom for One

  1. Darrin says:

    I guess EPCOT would be my home park too! I have an affinity for WDW parks, but it’s because my family has a lot of history there. My bride and I.. just married over a year, went on our 1st family vacation with our 2 week old newborn in 1990. We also went when our second child was 2 months.. and what seems like COUNTLESS more times over the years. As you can relate, we had some crazy years in the church.. and getting 2000 miles away was always a welcomed escape. As we drove East, we could feel the burdens of the world lifting from our shoulders with every passing mile.

    I have some history at Disneyland too.. as my old man used to take us there when I was a young boy. I totally agree.. there is some “Magic” there that can’t be ignored. As a foodie.. I DO dig all of the eateries @ the parks in Florida. BUT.. they don’t have a STORYBOOKLAND or Matterhorn!! Nice post girlie!


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