Funday Monday at Studios

After the most amazing t-storm I’ve ever seen in Florida, the sun was shining this morning as promised. So I moved forward with my plan to visit Disney Studios in the morning before the afternoon t-storms were expected to arrive. After all, this is June in Florida.

I rode with Rich to work and then drove on to Disney via the back way – it’s completely open now from Maitland to the new Disney entrance on West, which is exit 8 on 429. It’s longer but during commute hours, it’s probably faster and less crazy busy.

Again I noticed how the drive takes about as long as it did when we lived in Tampa Bay. Because we live in the Orlando area, we think of ourselves as local, but we’re only fooling ourselves. Last time we lived way too close (2 miles from Cinderella Castle), but when it takes an hour to an hour and a half to drive and park, you may as well be living in Tampa Bay and staying onsite. So now we have 2 weekend onsite trips planned and we are so jazzed about those.

I dropped Rich off at work in Lake Mary at around 8:30 a.m. and by the time I drove to Studios, wandered all over the parking lot following the CMs directing us to park at the far end of a row, tromped down the long path to the tram, rode the tram to the front gate, entered the long baggage line, and then the long line for admission, it was 10 a.m. I was exhausted – lol! BTW, why weren’t we giving them the finger (lol) with our admission media? Was it broken today or is this the new way?

I could feel the heat and humidity already, wishing we were staying onsite. And when I go to the parks alone, I can’t help but remember the special things we’ve done on vacation. Like staying at the Yacht Club and having breakfast at Starring Rolls inside Studios. So I had to snap a pic of it as I passed it and made a note to eat there again on our weekend trip.

But it also reminded me of the old days and Bob & Larry’s long WDW trips, and their fabulous trip reports on, and how we’d bonded over the cinnamon rolls at Tusker House at Animal Kingdom. Ah…. Fun times!

I also had a nostalgia moment when I passed by Sci-Fi Dine-In, one of our favorite fun lunch spots – more for the atmosphere than the food. I also recalled how we’d had lunch there the day Rich was in the hot seat at “Who Wants to be a Millionaire.” And how everybody had fawned all over him when they recognized him. 🙂 It was a fun day!

So for my first attraction – the Great Movie Ride, my favorite in Studios.

I got the Gangster side. And I couldn’t help but wonder where the Tables in Wonderland Great Movie Ride dinner will be located inside the attraction. I’m a bit disappointed we had to turn down our opportunity for that event due to Rich’s illness, but it is expensive and we can use that for our August weekend trip, which Rich booked today while I was texting him at work while I was at Disney. lol!

After the ride, I walked past American Idol and noticed they were having auditions today. Hmmmm…. I kept moving but I wondered about watching the show, although, for us, Millionaire was a much better attraction.

I walked past Star Tours and got a Fast Pass, realizing I had never ridden this at WDW – Disneyland only and thought, “why not?”

I considered the “Lights, Motor Action” stunt show but the next performance would be about the same time as my Star Tours Fast Pass so I skipped it. Instead, in spite of my best intentions not to splurge on calories at the park today, I snagged a Mickey Bar and a bottle of water and enjoyed every morsel of the ice cream on such a hot, humid day!

Then after wandering around, getting lost, and then finding my way again, it was time for my Fast Pass. Rich and I had had such a blast with the new 3-D Star Tours at Disneyland last year, but somehow, by myself or the second time around, it wasn’t quite as exciting.

By this time, it was getting close to noon so it was time to head for the tram, my car, and the long drive home. I was hot and tired, but making notes about what Rich and I would do on our weekend trip when we’re staying onsite. It was a fun Monday and I realize how lucky I am to be able to pop into WDW for the morning, even if the effort seems a lot for the short amount of time.

But I missed my special sweetie, my soulmate and travel partner. I know how blessed I am to have such a man in my life. The first two times I did Disney in the 80s, I did it with my ex. So I know how *not* to do Disney – lol! And then when I was divorced, I traveled with different girlfriends, family members, etc. and while all of that was fun, I know how compatible Rich and I are and how special that is. We are so in synch and I miss him when he’s not doing the fun stuff with me.

We’re both really looking forward to our summer weekend trips – Wilderness Lodge and then the Yacht Club – our 2 favorite WDW resorts!

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