First Trip Back to the GC: Day 2, Part 3

Day 2, May 4, Radiator Springs Racers and Pool Continued

The Disneyland Traveler wrote an interesting post about Cars Land on Cars Land: Praise and Quibbles. It’s always good for me to get another longtime Disneyland fan’s input. I agree with a lot of what he wrote, but as a Bay Area native, he may be missing the personal connection to the desert Southwest. For me, Cars Land is more than a movie brought to life – it brought back long-forgotten memories of my childhood. It rekindled my excitement for the desert and cars.

What he would probably agree with and what I didn’t mention in my last post is the lack of quality in the merchandise in the shops in Cars Land. And there’s a different vibe among the CMs, Before, unlike WDW, most CMs were mostly from Orange County or Riverside. At WDW, they might be from all over but many are from Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio. But with a need to staff up, Disneyland has drawn in CMs from Los Angeles, Washington State, and even Iowa. This is something new for Disneyland. I’m not sure they have the same customer service focus.

Our drink server around the pool was from Washington State and he seemed to think his job was to stroll by and we would tackle him if we wanted a drink. And the CM at the store in Cars Land from L.A. thought his job was to flirt with the teen-aged girls and warn them about Venice Beach (I thought somebody should warn them about him – lol). And when he finally wrapped that up and turned his attention to us, he started sweating all over the counter and I was hoping none of it had landed on my new sweatshirt. lol!

So here’s the story. It was chilly that night and I had left my red Disneyland sweatshirt in the room so I thought a new sweatshirt might be in order. I checked my size, purchased it, and tried to put it on outside. It was tiny. I returned to the store and told him about it. I tried on another size and it was still too tight. At this point, I wasn’t interested even if I could have found one that did fit. This told me something about the poor quality of this merchandise, compared to what I usually run into at Disneyland or World of Disney.

We’d used our reward points for the purchase and he gave us some talk about going to another store so we could get our credit immediately instead of waiting 3 days. Forget that. We insisted on returning it at the store where we bought it and we’d take our chances on how soon the credit would show up on our rewards card. As it turned out, the points were there when we went to use them the next day. We either got lucky or he was full of hot air. Maybe that’s why he was sweating. 🙂

I loved the theming, atmosphere, and Racers and even the food in Cars Land, but I’ll skip the shopping.

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