First Trip Back to the GC: Day 3, Part 1

Day 3, May 5, Dining at DCA: Breakfast at Flo’s V8 Cafe

I woke up this morning craving me some Brioche French Toast from Flo’s V8 Cafe in Radiator Springs. Maybe because I knew I’d be writing about it this morning. I scanned my camera and realized I hadn’t taken any pics of the inside so I’ll be “borrowing” some of those from the Disney Food Blog review on Flo’s – check it out – their last line says it all – “I’m in love with Flo’s V8 Cafe.”

Our original plan had us going to Disneyland Park this morning and having lunch at Blue Bayou. But we nixed that. We decided to focus on DCA only on this trip – so this would be “First Trip Back to DL/DCA: Part 1.” Part 2 will be in July when we’ll stay at the Disneyland Hotel and focus on Disneyland for my birthday. Besides, after such a Cars Land high, we couldn’t switch gears easily and even walk into Disneyland Park.

That morning started off cloudy and my back was hurting slightly but no tired feet so we applauded ourselves on our pacing. We decided to have breakfast at Flo’s V8 and pick up a FP for Racers again – woo hoo! It’s that good!

When we got in line for the FP, the return time said “5:10.” By the time we got up to the window, it said “5:15.” By the time the CMs handed over our FPs, the time was “5:20.” lol!

Then we headed to Flo’s. We got in line to order but my back indicated it might go into a spasm if I stood there so I went off to find us a table. I ended up in the “Memorabilia Room” with views of Racers. It was so fabulous!


The decor is so superb and what a view! Rich and I both have childhood memories of the chairs – you probably do, too, if you’re of a certain age.

This is where we sat – the high back booth did my back wonders. Notice the chairs – Rich’s family had yellow ones and my aunt also had yellow ones. Remember how back then they cracked and the stuffing spilled out? lol!


From the breakfast menu, we ordered the Brioche French Toast – Baked and served with Salted Caramel Sauce and Bananas and Chicken Tamale Breakfast – Chicken Tamale, Scrambled Eggs, Salsa Verde and Pico de Gallo and shared them. Rich told me the funny stories about what they do when you order, using all of that Racer lingo – lol!



The food was delicious – especially the brioche french toast – and the music was so retro – here’s just a taste of the music being served:

We could have sat there all morning sipping coffee and watching the Racers. Eventually, we moved to the outside patio and watched the Racers for awhile. Can you tell how much we love this?

We eventually dragged ourselves away, and finally made it to the Photo Shop to have our pictures taken for our APs. The CM put my photo on Rich’s AP and said she’d put his photo on my AP. So then she took our pics again and put them on the correct APs – or so she said. She then told us that the CM at any ticket window can just delete the extra picture (this would not be true, as we would later find out).

We then went back to the room for a rest. My throat was still hurting and I was a bit tired. But it had been a fabulous morning!

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