First Trip Back to the GC: Day 3, Part 2

Day 3, May 5, Dining at DCA: Sipping, Snacking, and Screaming

Okay, maybe not exactly screaming – lol! But you’ll see what I mean…

After our rest, we went back to DCA through the GC entrance and what do you know? My picture was fine on my AP but Rich only had my picture and not both like the CM at the Photo Shop had told him. The gate CM deleted my photo from his AP and so we had to return to the Photo Shop to get another picture taken. Grrr! (Especially annoying because the people with regular tickets were getting their pictures taken right at the entrance. We were feeling like a second class citizen. Oh did I say that already? But it’s true.)

Anyway, picture taken, we headed for Pacific Wharf to check out Ghirardelli. Well, ironically enough, it is a much larger space (where the Tortilla Factory used to be), but there’s less candy than at the one at WDW. And the selection was terrible. And no free samples. So we left. We were hungry so we chose to visit one of our faves from before – Cocina Cucamonga. We can never remember the name of this because Disneyland has Rancho del Zocalo and there’s a SoCal town called Rancho Cucamonga so that’s what we usually call this place – lol!

Here’s the menu from AllEars. It was very busy for a Sunday (every day was like a busy summer day – this must be the new normal) so I grabbed the last table by the water while Rich went to order her food. He brought back 2 entrees and we shared them.

Carne Asada and Chicken Tamale – Marinated and Grilled Beef cooked to perfection served with a Chicken Tamale and warm flour tortillas.

Soft Tacos Monterrey – Beef, Chicken or Roasted Vegetables with seared peppers and onions, topped with cheese served in warm flour tortillas.

We enjoyed our food, but we chose not to have a beer because we were headed for our other favorite hangout – Golden Vine Winery.

We keep reading about the Alfresco Lounge that’s above the Golden Vine Winery and Wine Country Trattoria but it is never open when we’re there – lol! So Golden Vine it was. We did our usual routine – I grabbed a table while Rich grabbed a couple of glasses of Firestone Syrah. Ah, one of our favorite ways to relax in one of our favorite places!

I’m going to fast forward a bit here. We returned for our 5:20 FP for Racers and had another great race, although it wasn’t quite as thrilling as the first time, but that’s probably to be expected. It was still fabulous! We hung around Cars Land soaking up more of the atmosphere until we got our fill and we did get our fill so we left.

We wanted to peek into the Carthay Circle Lounge. We’d had a PS for lunch for yesterday but didn’t make it. And we thought the Lounge menu looked much more interesting anyway, but when we peeked into the Lounge, it was so boring. It didn’t help that some horribly ridiculously loud parade was screaming by – I can’t imagine trying to relax in there with a drink. We couldn’t get out of the park because all paths were cut off by the parade. This is probably my biggest pet peeve with Disney. We don’t need so many parades – especially when access to the rest of the park is cut off.

We escaped as soon as we could and headed for the Napa Rose Lounge instead. Our next installment will be all about that.

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